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Thursday, 24 April 2014


The time is here to stop apologizing for who you are. This inspiring speech by Finnish patriot and European nationalist Kai Murros sets the right tone of defiant rhetoric for all Europeans who care about their civilization and thede. Despise your enemies for they are despicable.

“In order for Europe to survive we will take the great leap beyond good and evil. Our conduct cannot be judged by the ethics of the day. Our actions will not be guided by the moral code of a weak and suicidal civilization. In order for Europe to survive we will plunge into the unknown. We will sail uncharted waters, wrestle with alien gods, and shake the foundations of the earth. Europe’s answer to external threats is not defense but outrageous expansion. We will not sit idly by and wait to be overridden by barbarians. We will carry the war into enemy territory.”

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