Friday, 19 September 2014


The video spot (posted above) could well be a Euro-Revlon commercial, or maybe a Scandinavian Tampax ad. It features a group of luminously gorgeous Nordic belles hanging out at various festive venues, in a manner that conveys a sense of fun, fellowship, and female empowerment. The product being touted, however, is not makeup or feminine hygiene, but rather the anti-immigration Swedish Democrat Party, which scored impressive gains in the latest election, more than doubling its prior representation and claiming 49 seats in the 349-seat Swedish parliament.

While the imagery in the spot is pleasant – happy, athletic, spirited young beauties are seen primping, chatting, jogging, giggling, boxing, lifting weights, and doing other youthful, vital, active things, to the tune of upbeat pop music – the voiceover for the ad delivers a conspicuously dire, even alarmist, message. Noting approvingly that young women in Sweden are becoming ethnic nationalists in greater numbers than ever before, the female narrator then announces that the political tides in the beloved homeland must soon be turned, or the Sweden they know and love will soon vanish from the face of the earth.

"Sweden is turning into something unrecognizable," we are informed. Muslim immigration is not mentioned explicitly in the spot, but it hardly needs to be; implication does the trick perfectly. The plague of rape overwhelmingly committed by nonwhite immigrants is also invoked: "In our country, you should feel safe, even if you are a young girl and out late at night," the narrator declares, a clear indictment of the recent spate of predominantly brown-on-white sexual violence reported in Sweden.

Additionally – and some may say most winningly – the narrator takes a swipe at the "cultmarx" cult of rigidly ideologized feminism and grimly mandated gender confusion-ism, which has taken particularly malignant hold over Sweden, exceeding even the bounds of generally PC-infested Western Europe. "In our country, girls should be girls and boys should be boys without being questioned for that," the girl's voice  heartily declares.

Of course one suspects that most of the current non-Scandianiavan residents of Sweden have absolutely no problem with traditional gender roles, thus underlining a seeming central contradiction at the heart of the Zeitgeist, which at once enforces adherence and allegiance to all manner of sexual perversity while at the same time fawning over nonwhites from primitive cultures who commonly stone homosexuals and practice "honor killings" of wayward women.

I suppose it is an effective ad, in that it establishes ethnic nationalism as something for "cool" and beautiful people. Vote Swedish Democrat, and join all of these lovely ladies! It's a bit of a wank, of course, and manipulative, but so is all advertising, ain't it? And at least it's for a good cause.

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