Up, and away!

As we enter the "holiday corridor" which marks the end of the year, a word of thanks is due to all of our faithful readers, both friendly and otherwise. Our year started off a bit bumpy at the time of our 2014 takeoff, but things smoothed out in no time, and we finally began to coast on a bracing tailwind which took us high into the stratosphere of success.

As your dapper and dutiful pilots on this journey, who also double as flight attendants (since our budget is very tight), we look forward to "serving" you with a great deal more provocative and enticing material in 2015. We are grateful to everyone who has chosen to come aboard. If you happen to have any shekels to shuffle into the collection box during the in-flight movie, we would of course be graciously accepting of your generosity. (Here the speakers rub their hands together with a deeply unseemly, sneaky, Satanic sneer, one which looks oddly familiar...)
Portrait of  Andy and Colin as they contemplate taking your money.
In any case, even if you have no spare shekels whatsoever (here the speakers parenthetically shake their fists and subliminally add, " You cheap, tight fisted Schlomo schlemiels!!!!!"),  please keep you seat belts fastened, as you never know when we might hit another patch of turbulence. And thanks for continuing to fly with us!
                                                                              –Your co-pilots, Colin and Andy

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