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Wednesday, 3 June 2015


The recent case of Bruce Jenner, an ex-athlete who, at the age of 65, decided to "debut" as a "woman" on the cover of Vanity Fair after committing partial suicide through "gender reassignment" surgery, is the kind of thing that is hard to comment on meaningfully. Yes, we all know this belongs in a freakshow, and, yes, of course, SJWs are all for it. 

An added disincentive to wade into the controversy is the frankly creepy photo that goes with this story, where we see Bruce trying to hide his big, manly hands behind his fake new female body. We have no wish to sully our site with that abomination. One wonders if those mighty mitts will be the object of further acts of mini-suicide through surgery or whether they will in turn be the agents of a final act of total suicide. In the meantime the best comment on this sorry business comes from running this clip from South Park.

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