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Saturday, 4 July 2015


As we have seen in recent days, history is a major issue in the modern United States, rather as it was in the Soviet Union, where it was frequently "airbrushed" and rewritten. 

The history of the Confederacy has been under attack because it shines a spotlight on the nation's irreconcilable racial fracture. But even the history of America's origins in the War of Independence is extremely problematic. This is because it can't but emphasize how White, WASP, male, cisgenderist, and non-gender-fluid the Founding Fathers were. This effectively de-Americanizes most of the population of the state, while also legitimizing that awkward barrier to Leftist utopia, the US Constitution.

So, what is the solution? Namely, the displacement by the media and education system of this patriotic history of America, and its replacement by a twisted, "politically correct" simulacrum, made up of gender studies, the Holocaust, and "Black History" months, forgettable in itself but also serving to induce a wider amnesia.

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