Comedy can sometimes function as prophecy. In the 1980s, the "PC" police hadn't yet sprung into action. With a few exceptions, there was no real "SJW" activism in evidence.

It certainly wasn't like today, wherein open season has been declared against wrongthinkers far and wide, and no holds are barred in attempting to ruin those dastardly ideological deviants (your humble scribe included) wherever they have the effrontery to manifest their hateful heresies.

Still, the late 80s began to see the coalescing of a certain censorious proclivity among some critics, and like geiger counters detecting radioactivity, or canaries apprehending poisonous air, comedians were the first to notice, and comment upon, this shift.

In his concert movie Raw, Eddie Murphy gave what was (then) a fairly fanciful rendering of what he called "24 Hour Homo Watch," namely, the vigilance with which certain gay activists kept tabs on those who made "unacceptable" jokes:

And a bit later, Sam Kinison (RIP) also had a ready rejoinder for the homophobia-phobes:

Today, as Jerry Seinfeld has observed, the cause of comedy has been badly damaged due to the elevation of certain selective sensitivities over the truth. Who will step into the trenches and fight back against the totalitarian pansies? Where are the prophetic Murphys and Kinisons of 2015?

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