Luckily Andy and I don’t need to live off what people donate to Alternative Right, as we would now probably be piles of bones collecting spiders’ webs – a suitable image to ponder this Halloween. This not to disparage the occasional acts of great generosity from our more supportive readers, quite the reverse, but just to remind people of the kind of resistant and recalcitrant model of purveying the truth that we have constructed.

This is one which relies on low overheads and not pointlessly provoking controversy in a stupid click-bait kind of way, but never shying away from it when it does arrive.

The best metaphor for what we do is the crocodile, a tough and resilient animal that fears no enemies and can keep going on very little. A Nile Crocodile, for example, can go a whole year without food. Like the crocodile, we too can go long periods without feeding, but just like our scaly totem, we require the occasional morsel – both to pay our actual costs and writers, and as a sign that our message is one that is actually needed and appreciated.

We could of course dip into our own pockets to pay these not particularly onerous costs, and this would have the benefit of obviating the need for the awkward and occasionally embarrassing process of rattling the tin cup. But paradoxically that would be rather selfish. Already Andy and I – along with our underpaid fellow writers – are “hogging the burden” too much already with all the time and effort we spend keeping Alternative Right going with readable and well-edited content (you should see what we leave out – or rather you shouldn’t...).

There is degree of ego and arrogance in doing too much for a cause, a sense of someone listening to his or her own voice too much. However, the Alt-Right if it is about anything is about the larger group, and not just those of us actually here now, but also those who have gone before us, who we have a duty to honour, and those who will come after us, whose future must be secured.

In the light of this it’s only fair to give others who stand to benefit from our common project a chance and an occasional prompt to join in and form ranks with us by doing what they can, donating or supporting us in some other way, such as promoting our content through social media, etc. We'll also let you know when we throw a bake sale, so brush up on those pâtisserie skills as well.

But while we’re heartily rattling the cup here, we can spare a thought for our comrades and encourage you to donate to all worthy Alt-Right enterprises. Those that are a source of livelihood for their operators clearly need your money more than we do and should have top priority, but at the same time please spare a thought for our particular model – the resilient, horny-backed crocodile able to subsist on nothing but swamp water and the nebulous fear of his enemies, but who, for this reason, appreciates the morsels donated by his friends with a greater hunger and relish.