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Sunday, 14 February 2016


Andy and Colin welcome special guests, Matt Forney and Matt Parrott, to discuss the recent allegations of "rapey-ness" directed at manosphere blogger Roosh V. Among the issues discussed are Europe's migrant rape crisis, changes to sexual relations between men and women caused by technology, the attempt by feminists to widen the definition of "rape" in order to pass more power to the state, and tensions within the Alt-Right over the Roosh affair.

Running Order

00:00  Intro music
00:30  Introductory comments
03:34  The Return of Kings tribal meet-ups
12:30  Ignoring the Rape-u-gees
14:20  The rapey bits
18:00  Problematic nature of female sexuality
20:35  Hands off "our" women
31:50  Morality of the Manosphere
35:40  SJW critiques from the Alt-Right
41:25  Desexualizion the real problem
48:45  Tensions within the Alt-Right
53:50  Bernie Sanders' Rape Fantasy
55:15  The will to drama
60:25  Outro music

Show Notes


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