"A Tent in the Rockies" by John Singer Sargent

On Xmas Day, 2013, the Alt-Right was, for all intents and purposes, dead. The first incarnation, had been shut down and the term “Alternative Right” had been disavowed by some of those with whom it had been most closely associated.

The direction of the True Right seemed to be once again set towards the arid desert of splinterism and petty purism – Duginist Eurasianists over here, Pro-Ukrainian ethno-nats over there, Trad Catholics round the corner, Libertarian Race Realists out in the garden, Pagan Traditionalists in the small cupboard under the stairs, Manosphere types in the basement, etc., etc.

But, rather than declare the Alt-Right dead, we (Andy & Colin) still believed there was a role for an umbrella term and "polymorphous idea space" by which these nascent and embryonic strands could develop and draw strength from each other, without necessarily being in perfect agreement.

So it was that we decided to pick the term out of the gutter, where it had been discarded, and so keep the torch burning. Over the next few years, the term survived and made a remarkable comeback, thanks to it being widely adopted by others, including groups like The Right Stuff and popular vloggers like Millennial Woes and Ramzpaul, to name a few – several Twitter users also played a big part – so that the term Alt-Right even wnet mainstream, being picked up by sites like Breitbart and beyond.

Proteus: expect the unexpected 
We don’t claim the credit for all this or even much of the credit, but we do claim some of the credit, and, as we hand the cap around in this our latest fundraiser, we, of course, want to remind our readers and supporters of our own steadfastness, vision, and belief in a “big tent” approach that does not seek to exclude or purge any of the energies of the Alt-Right. Through our Protean power – expressed through a variety of means, methods, and media – we aim to promote the unpredictable potency of our movement and its growth in multiple directions.

Any funds you donate to Alternative Right go directly to paying our writers for their contributions, and thus improving the quality of the writing and ideas expounded here. A little of it will be used for maintaining the relatively low running costs of our site and Soundcloud page, and some of it will also be used for promotion through social media and occasional support for other groups when in need.

Be assured that none of it will be spent to finance the luxuries and lifestyles of either of the principals or our recently added contributing editors, as our work is our own sacrifice for the greater good. We hope you will join us in that sacrifice – for the benefit of our race, humanity, and the planet in general.