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Friday, 25 March 2016


A kiss, a crime?

by Colin Liddell

For many people Christ's Passion is a deeply moving and spiritual event, or at least an inspiring parable denoting God's love for mankind. But, for me, it is also an expression of the theological contradictions and sado-masochist tendencies of Christianity, with Judas as a pivotal figure. Thoughts like these would be dull in any other medium besides poetry...

JUDAS was an evil man
His soul is justly damned
It burns in Hell’s eternal span
It bears the Devil’s brand
His flesh has rotted long ago,
entombed beneath the ground
It poisoned many maggots, though
each stinking, putrid pound

Satan says his soul is good
it gives Hell atmosphere
and thinks perhaps that Judas could
rival his own career
For did he not betray the Lord
and saw Him crucified
and watched the trickling blood that poured
that splurted from His side?

BUT was our God just a lamb
abandoned to the butcher
powerless to control His fate
and ignorant of His future?
Oh Ruler of Infinity
Creator of all life!
Could you die unwillingly
whilst mortal creatures thrive?

It’s obvious to me, at least
that Judas was a tool
employed by You, like any priest
a poor deluded fool
He it was that was the Lamb
and he it was that died
who hung himself, a mortal man
committed suicide

The silver fee of treachery
we know was never spent
and by his death it’s clear to see
that Judas did repent
A kiss, a crime? He followed fate
and did what You decreed
Thus it was not human hate
that made Your body bleed

In Hell Judas has suffered
unjustly agonies
and this disgrace discovered
uplifts me from my knees
Unworthy of my worship
are You ‘exalted One’
My soul You may well curse it
but You have killed Your son!


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