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Monday, 6 June 2016


Nothing changes: Black woman being collared by a White man.

Not sure if Michelle Obama thought through her words before she made her recent speech to the graduating class of City College in New York, but my guess is she didn’t, and it wouldn’t have made any difference if she had. Probably her main thought was to hide her now famous man-bulge, which is no doubt why she went for the flowing academic robe look.

The speech was the usual Pollyanna about diversity and bettering oneself through education – blah, blah, blah – but the speech is now mainly famous for her “I wake up in a house that was built by slaves” comment.

The way you’re supposed to take that comment is “Poor Blacks – let’s gib dem more gibsmedat.” But, not having been programmed like your usual shitlib, and knowing what I know about contemporary Blacks, and Black-run places like Haiti, South Africa, and Detroit, I didn’t quite hear it in the same way.

Instead, it sounded like what she was saying was “Black people are capable of doing good work if you use a system of coercion on them.” After all, the White House is a rather nice piece of architecture, and, if it was built by slaves, then it is a testament to what Blacks are capable of with the right guidance and motivation. Although, I wouldn’t say it necessarily has to be slavery or even imposed by Whites: The Zulu leader Shaka kaSenzangakhona achieved something of a military revolution by harsh methods among his people.

The fact is, whether it was slavery or not, all peoples in the past were subjected to harsh forms of discipline. Whites were enslaved too, many of them were serfs, and even if some of them were technically “free,” if they didn’t work hard for a pittance they were doomed to starvation and death. The real tyrant was the Malthusian Trap. Yes, life was hard in the past, so let's cut the sad violin music and dewy-eyed shots.

The difference, however, is that as life has become easier, some groups – Whites and Asians for example – can still find plenty of motivation to work ever harder, even to their own demographic detriment, placing career before family until it's too late, while Blacks, as a group, clearly cannot. With fake government jobs, affirmative action, and welfare replacing the slave owners lash or their chieftain's commanding sneer, their “work ethic” has suffered in terrible ways that has not quite happened with other groups, which is why Blacks fall behind so much, despite all the attempts to help them.

Intelligence – or lack of it – is clearly a factor too, but most jobs are not too complicated, and if the worker simply had application, lack of intelligence could even be an advantage. The essential problem for Blacks is a lack of basic self-discipline, which is why their major economic contributions in world history have occurred under coercive systems of labour, like slavery or the semi-coercive system of a segregationist and sink-or-swim American capitalism.

Once you start ameliorating that in the ways in which it has been ameliorated over the last few decades, Blacks tend to take their foot off the pedal and instead of building – under White guidance – beautiful Palladian architecture like the White House, focus instead on their weaves, mix-tapes, and gang signs.

Better than most mix tapes.
It is also for this reason that we keep hearing the zombie liberal mantra of “moah edjucayshun, moah edjucayshun.”

Focusing education on the "less intellectually gifted" in society is literally the equivalent of focusing medical care on the healthy, i.e. you are focusing it on the group where it can do the least good. Medical care should be focused on the ill so they can get well. Stupidity and low IQs, however, are not illnesses but the normal condition of a great swathe of people, both Black and White, but obviously disproportionately Black. Once a basic education has been given, it should no longer be wasted on those naturally less gifted.

Yes, you can call it unjust, but try to remember that it is not socially unjust, it is cosmically unjust so your option is not to campaign against social injustice but instead against cosmic injustice – so get praying if it bothers you.

In the meantime, education resources should be focused like a laser beam on the smart kids. Should this include smart Black kids? That is an interesting question. I would say yes, but only if we can find a way to stop smart, educated Blacks becoming a leadership cadre of the kind of victim culture that people like Michelle Obama represent.


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