Euro Break-Ups, Muslim Shoot-Ups, & French F**k-Ups 

Novelist and translator Ann Sterzinger joins Andy and Colin to catch up on a "smorgasbord" of topics, including the UK's BREXIT vote, the assassination of MP Jo Cox, the Orlando gay-club massacre, Ramadan attacks on Radiohead and Disneyland, river battles on the Thames, creeping anarchy in France, and whether or not ISIS is the genuine article and can ever be as unpopular as Bob Geldof.

Show Notes

Running Order

00:00  Theme music
00:28  Introduction: Ann Sterzinger and Archeofuturism 2.0
04:00  Why is it called “BREXIT”?
06:00  Gun, knife, fork, rock, and sand control
07:20  Jo Cox – the sympathetic victim
09:30  “Fawlt Right” – John Cleese’s support for BREXIT
10:53  The Bizarre spectacle of Bob Geldof
13:00  Upping the stakes from treaty changes to membership
16:12  The EU as a scapgoat and buck passing device
18:00  A referendum of mass immigration
18:55  Dubious polls and Banana Republics
22:10  EU manipulation and fragility
27:20  Animal violence through Disneyfication of danger
33:00  Just call them Muslims
38:35  Gay-on-gay violence
40:30  Gender apartheid and the gayness of Islam
46:40  Suspicious killings
51:35  Questions left dangling on purpose
53:15  French chaos and the puzzling passivity of ISIS
60:00  French police chief and wife butchered by Jihadi
63:00  Leftist dilemma: Gays or Muslims?
66:54  The schism between the mainstream and the media
73:34  Why Ann pays for Le Figaro
75:45  Roasting rabbits over camp fires
79:08  Outro music