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Wednesday, 31 August 2016


Even though interest in the Alt-Right has been growing strongly this year, there has also been an explosion in Alt-Right or pseudo-Alt-Right sites and content. Even though many of these sites are of "variable" quality, they have the benefit of novelty. This makes it relatively hard for established Alt-Right sites, like this one, to grow audiences rapidly despite the sharp rise in interest in our movement.

Our growth strategy is also to aim for gradual, and consolidated growth by providing a steady stream of intelligent and well-written articles and other items. For this reason, ever since the sudden major uptick in readership back in May (when we shot above 200,000 page views a month), I have been expecting things to revert to "normal" and die down a little.

I was also on holiday for most of August, and could put in only a fraction of the work I normally do on the site, so we had an additional reason to expect a decline in our stats. However, thanks to Hillary Clinton name-checking our movement/site in her Reno speech, we had yet again a record-breaking month, with nearly a quarter of a million page views (242,112). Without this unexpected boost, we would probably have dipped below 200,000, so a big "thank you" goes out to the Democratic candidate for President.

This month our top-ten most read articles were
  1. WHAT LIBTARDS DON'T UNDERSTAND: BLACKS LIKE TO BE BLACK by Mike Smith (12,414 page views)
  2. A NORMIE’S GUIDE TO THE ALT-RIGHT by Colin Liddell (9,794 page views)
  3. WE ARE THE ALT-RIGHT by Millennial Woes (4,502 page views)
  4. WHAT THE ALT-RIGHT MEANS TO ME (HILLARY CLINTON REMIX) by Andy Nowicki (4,323 page views)
  5. ZIONISM IS NATIONALISM AND WORTH DEFENDING by Brett Stevens (4,153 page views)
  6. PLANET OF THE RAPES: MORAL SAFARIS IN AFRICA by Daniel Barge (3,942 page views)
  7. RE: JOEL STEIN'S "HOW TROLLS ARE RUINING THE INTERNET" by Matt Parrott (3,216 page views)
  8. HILLARY: HOW I DESTROYED DONALD TRUMP AND THE ALT-RIGHT by Hillary Clinton (2,895 page views)
  10. THE DEATH OF THE DEATH OF THE WEST by Remi Tremblay (2,711 page views)
This month Andy and I did one podcast, a quick response to Hillary’s speech, which was posted only a couple of days ago. Altogether our podcasts gained 3,405 plays and 234 downloads, a moderate decline on last month, when we posted three audio items (and earlier in the month). Our top-five most listened-to podcasts were as follows:
  1. Podcast 48: Hillary Clinton Shines a Light on the Alt-Right (938 plays, 98 downloads)
  2. Podcast 47: "The Alt-Right Conquers the Universe" (749 plays, 48 downloads)
  3. Podcast 46: A Moon-shaped Pool of Blood (169 plays, 9 downloads)
  4. Text-to-Audio: The IQ of Revolutions (144 plays, 7 downloads)
  5. Podcast 45: E. Michael Jones and the Slaughter of Cities (136 plays, 17 downloads)
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