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Thursday, 22 December 2016


Another White Christmas in Whitefish, Montana
In his latest "Nameless" podcast, Andy Nowicki finally admits that he's a Russian spy pedaling "fake news" for the greater glory of the Kremlin... Then he addresses the recent travails of Alternative Right ex-editor Richard Spencer and his family at the hands of certain intolerant members of the bucolic ski resort town of Whitefish, Montana.

Andy discusses the Lugenpresse luge-ing as usual with regard to "Whitefish-gate," as well as the rather unhelpful response of certain Alt-Righters eager to help Richard and his mother fight back against their persecutors.


Richard Spencer tells of the recent, unconscionable targeting of his mother by local antifa types in Whitefish, Montana
Andy Nowicki's prior podcast on the NPI "Hailgate" incident
Andy Nowicki on the oft-heard admonition to refrain from "punching right"

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