Colin and Andy are joined by Alt-Right stalwarts Richard Wolstencroft and Alex Fontana to take a long look back at the "Current Year" that will soon be no more. Among many topics discussed are Bowie, Brexit, Trump, the Alt-Right, and the nature of Capitalism. Will Trump live up to the hopes placed in him, or will he disappoint? All this and more in the final Alt-Right podcast of 2016, a remarkable and revolutionary year. Onward and upwards to 2017!

Running Order

0:00:00  Intro music
0:00:30  Our guests: Richard Wolstencroft and Alex Fontana
0:01:40  January: Bowie's death sets a new trend (celebocaust)
0:09:40  Star Wars Episode VII
0:17:10  Why the Jews should support Alt-Right ideas
0:26:15  March: Alex's trip to Washington and NPI
0:28:25  March⁓June: The Rise of Trump, the Coming of Brexit
0:44:10  Brexit as backlash/ Germanization of the EU
0:51:55  July: Australian elections/ Twitter shoah
0:54:30  August: Olympic Games as Alt-Right propaganda
0:57:40  Hillary mentions the Alt-Right
1:10:44  "Concern trolling" the Jews again
1:17:15  October: Pussygate vs. Pizzagate
1:22:30  November: "Trump won! Next?"
1:24:40  Sperging on the economy
1:34:00  Idiotic predictions
1:40:35  Outro music

Show Notes