Vanguard Podcast marked a vital step in the evolution of Alt-Right podcasting. Its format of a regular team with occasional guests discussing a topic of interest—"a conversation amongst friends"—established a highly successful template that many other Alt-Right podcasts later followed. Originally uploaded on the 23rd of July, 2012, this is the second of the podcasts to feature the "original triumvirate" of Richard Spencer, Andy Nowicki, and Colin Liddell, who duscuss the significance of Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy.

Running Order

00:00  Intro
03:35  Aurora Massacre
12:30  Insanity
20:30  The League of Shadows & Ra's Al Ghul
26:00  The "Deterministic Chaos" of The Joker
36:40  Batman vs. Bane as Fascism vs. Anarchy
43:45  Harvey Dent & the Noble Lie
48:20  Batman vs. the Pit
56:30  "All Myth is Right-Wing Myth"

 Show Notes