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Friday, 23 December 2016


Vanguard Podcast marked a vital step in the evolution of Alt-Right podcasting. Its format of a regular team with occasional guests discussing issues of the day—"a conversation amongst friends"established a highly successful template that many other Alt-Right podcasts later followed. This is the first of these podcasts to feature the "original triumvirate" of Richard Spencer, Andy Nowicki, and Colin Liddell. Originally uploaded on the 16th of July, 2012, topics included Mitt Romney's Presidential campaign, the politics of Japan, life in South Africa, and why young people should avoid higher education.

Running Order

00:00  Intro
02:25  Horse race politics — Obama vs. Romney
12:00  How the Japanese view American politics
15:00  Apathy vs. Mobilisation
18:40  Japanese Politics (and Mishima)
26:10  Tokyo is a gas!
30:00  Life in Apartheid-era South Africa
37:45  Andy's Trip to South Africa
40:15  Making our own beds

Show Notes


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