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Sunday, 22 January 2017


The Star of the Daily Shoah

by Dave Yorkshire

As most people in the Alt Right are aware, there has been a recent spate of doxxing of prominent personalities within the Alt Right. Doxxing is not something that should ordinarily be done to people in the movement, as people will inevitably be discouraged from joining the movement in the first place. The two most high-profile of these are those of Colin Robertson alias Millennial Woes and Michael Peinovich alias Mike Enoch. For those who do not know, Millennial Woes is a Youtube channel in which Colin muses on everything from art to our present-day situation, while Mike is one of the hosts on The Daily Shoah, a weekly audio podcast in which the hosts take an irreverent view of the ruling elite and their shibboleths.

There is no similarity between the two instances of doxxing. Colin was doxxed firstly by the extreme Left and then by the mainstream media outlets of the Daily Record, Daily Mirror and Sun newspapers. This came after calls by the Daily Record to find out the identity of Millennial Woes in the wake of his speech at the NPI conference in the USA organised by Richard Spencer. Upon receiving the information from convicted Leftist thug Liam Turbett of Glasgow, the newspapers then not only published Colin's real name, but printed photographs of his father's house. Revealing Colin's real name was meant as intimidation, but exposing his family's house was incitement to violence against Colin's family. Far from the British press being the champions of free speech, as the popular buffoon Jeremy Clarkson has suggested, they are instrumental in shutting it down.

Mike's story is rather different and in many ways, he brought the doxxing upon himself. Mike had always been the most "hardcore" member of The Daily Shoah crew, especially with regard to the "Jewish Question." Gas and ovens abounded, as he pretended to hate the Jews, crossing the line between sincerity and humour as and when it suited for plausible deniability. He then got into an argument with the anonymous posters on 8chan after TRS was accused of going soft on the Jewish Question, following a debate on Red Ice Radio about Jewish inclusion in the Alt Right. The 8channers then issued an ultimatum: apologise or face doxxing. In his arrogance at thinking himself untouchable, Mike called their bluff and was exposed. He then attempted to contact Salon, the Leftist webzine, and get them to issue a statement saying Michael Peinovich and Mike Enoch were not one and the same person.

What was exposed is revealing: it turned out, as everyone is no doubt aware now, that his wife is Jewish. Attempts have been made to provide extenuating circumstances for this, like his wife not being full Jewish and him marrying her ten years ago, before he was "awakened to the Jewish problem". His wife is not merely Jewish though; she is an activist for LGBT issues and a committed Leftist.

His comrades at TDS went into damage limitation overdrive, recording a special edition called The Sorta Shoah #122, in which they expressed their support for Mike and found excuses for his behaviour. They also revealed themselves as just as duplicitous as Mike while stating repeatedly that there was no conspiracy:
"There's no conspiracy."

"It's not like we were from Stormfront and there was a collection of us, and we all got together and we brainstormed and we had this think tank and we were like this is how we're going to bring literal neo-Naziism to the masses; we're gonna do this show and we're gonna have this sight and we're just gonna normalise everything; we have this plan here and we all like got together in our Nazi uniforms and had our strategy meetings and shit like that."
So now they distance themselves from the very culture they helped to create. And what happened to not punching right? As a matter of fact, a good friend of mine in real life, who is part of the Mjolnir team, is a Stormfront senior moderator and thinks, as I do, that the Cult of Hitler is retarded. They also claimed on the show that the scandal had caused the break-up of Mike's marriage and that he and his wife were separating. The implication is that she did not know anything about his "double life". This is nonsense, as his wife actually appeared on TDS #64:

But Mike Peinovich's wife is not the only one who is Jewish. Mike himself his Jewish, but the TDS team refuse to admit this to their followers. There are a number of quotations where he gives the game away. On TDS, he slips up and reveals himself a couple of times:
"But in terms of who's gonna be part of this movement, I would say yeah like it's gotta be White people and really Jews should be excluded and if you've gotta let in a mixed Jewish person, then really they have to have done something to earn that, you know, and I think that, in my case, I did."

"I've used the word Jewed in that kinda context basically my whole life and even amongst other Jews I use the word Jew that way."

Then there is the name Mike has chosen as his nom de guerre: ENOCH. Enoch itself comes from the Judaic tradition, but also I do not believe for one instance that it is mere coincidence that it is an anagram of COHEN. The surname Cohen originally signified a member of the Priesthood of the Temple and therefore a member of the highest caste. This means the Cohens were responsible for giving the masses their narrative, just as Mike has been doing. And he is laughing at his audience's expense at the same time by, in typically Jewish fashion, putting it right under their noses.

There is, then, a complete contrast in the two doxxings. Colin Robertson is a sincere man who cares very much for his own people. Yet unlike Mike Peinovich, he has avoided plumbing the depths of Jollywood Nazism and has been steadfast in his condemnation of violence, a fact the British Lügenpresse lied about. Colin and a group of his friends have now filed a complaint with the police about the conduct of the newspapers in question and an investigation will be made. If this hastens the demise of the Lügenpresse, forces people into questioning the media narrative and pushes them towards a range of alternative media, it can only be a good thing.

Peinovich's chosen avatar Baldric always had a
cunning plan that turned out to be rather stupid.
In contrast, Mike Peinovich has proven himself dishonest, untrustworthy and duplicitous. He has been doing what so many Jews are doing now: LARPing as White Europeans and leading them into dead ends. Just as Tim Wise LARPs as a White European Leftist and calls for them to atone for so-called "White privelege", so does Mike Peinovich LARP as a White European Rightist, calling for them to express real anti-Semitism, which can then be used by Jewish lobbies to demonise the Right. Perhaps Mike has not done this consciously, for it is also part of the psychological make-up of the Jew, of his self-defence mechanisms, yet also of his self detestation and his projection of that self-detestation onto others. The centuries of living among alien peoples and having to adapt to their codes and norms has created such dysphoria and complexes we Gentiles can only imagine.

I must state that I do not hate Jews in general, but neither should they ever be included in the movement, for Jews unconsciously always want to be at the centre of others' societies, moulding and shaping them in their own image. One might pity them if their leaders were not engaged in undermining White society. And in the case of this particular Jew, why trust anyone, Jew or Gentile, who has proven himself untrustworthy? Yet what has been more disappointing than the half-expected outing of this interloper is the conflict within the wider Alt Right movement it has generated, with old comrades falling out as some see political and financial potential in courting the friendship of this Jew and eschewing old friendships - and all for the sake of gaining a few more views for their websites in the hope of a few more "d'nations". I urge the people concerned to have a long think about this, for if shekels have become more important than our kinsmen, we have become lower than the worst of Jewish stereotypes.

First published at Mjolnir Magazine


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