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Wednesday, 1 February 2017


The weaponization of pizza by drugs?

The recent Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAGA) was notable for the increasingly partisan nature of many of the acceptance speeches, almost as if the actors were trying to alienate the half of their audience that voted for Trump. In particular, the speech by Stranger Things actor David Harbour seemed more like a call for violent revolution against...whatever than a simple thank you to "all the people who made this possible."

On one level, this appears to represent the "weaponization" of Tinseltown by the Left because, let's face it, they don't have anything else. But is it really? TV and movie stars are hardly the ideal "shock troops" of the Left for all kinds of reasons.

A more parsimonious explanation for the fevered mood at this ceremony and others like it would be simple drug abuse. If we entertain that possibly, then much of what we saw at SAGA suddenly makes sense, especially Winona Ryder's weird expressions and David Harbour "over-energetic" speech.

As Hollywood stars become more and more unhinged and out of touch with reality, the case grows ever stronger for introducing regular drug testing at award ceremonies, just to ensure the safety and delicate mental health of these highly strung and oversensitive individuals.


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