I have a confession to make. Despite contributing fairly regularly to this much demonized “extreme right-wing” publication, I’m really a rather bland moderate, possessed of unexceptional ideas. In fact, you could best describe me as a bit of a fuddy-duddy; strictly a pipe, slippers, and cocoa sort of guy as far as politics is concerned. If I have a true comfort zone, it is the white line running down the middle of the road that we all happen to be travelling on.

This probably sounds like I’m denying the old tried, tested, and time-worn political categories, and I know there are many who wouldn’t blame me if I ditched this terminology derived from 18th-century French parliamentary seating arrangements, but, no, not this week. For me there still is a Right, a Left, and a Centre; and my favourite locale is the latter, which means I’m very far from the “extreme Right”!

The real problem I have with the system is how it is applied to the existing political landscape. For me the “extreme right” simply can’t be AR as there is nothing extreme about promoting legitimate interests and good, old-fashioned common sense. In the same way, my image of the Centre is not the right wing of the Democratic Party or the left wing of the Republicans—nor for that matter Britain’s Lib-Dems, the Blairite wing of New Labour, or the Cameronians. For me all these groups, along with virtually every mainstream party in the West, are just part of a very, very crowded extreme left-wing.

It might now appear that all I’m saying is that there is no such thing as a right wing and that we’re all either moderates or leftists of one degree or another. But, no, I’m not saying that either. Just because everybody stands on one side of a room doesn’t mean the other side of the room ceases to exist. It’s still there, and, indeed, there are even a few odd creatures inhabiting it!

My mental picture of the true extreme right-winger is, I admit, somewhat mad and scary—I imagine some fruitbat into dressing up in storm trooper gear and transvestite make-up indulging in SM bondage, buggery, and jerking off to fantasies of human experiments in death camps—but, then, my image of the extreme Right has to be this doolally to balance the equal insanity present on the Left (by which I mean, of course, the parties that have been running the West for the last few decades). In fact, given the tremendous scope of the damage to our civilization inflicted by the extreme Left, my colourful image of the extreme right-winger actually seems tame by comparison.

All this may sound a little far-fetched, but people in our movement, whom I would broadly define as those seeking to ensure the healthy survival of White European civilization, should not underestimate the appeal to the general public of concepts like “moderation” and “balance”; nor should we neglect the negativity engendered by notions of extremeness. By labelling our ideas “extreme,” the left has been able to undermine their legitimate appeal, with the result that our civilization’s immune system has actually been switched off. Through faulty semantics the West has in fact contracted political AIDS!

Having the correct political ideas is, of course, the natural first step, but once ideology is on a firm footing, the next step is semantics. It is therefore vitally important that we find ways to make it clear that it is in fact we who are the reasonable moderates, the ones who believe in the kinds of things—gender, family, community, and nation—that any healthy, balanced person believes in.

Likewise, we stand to gain enormous advantage from pointing out that our opponents are not only mistaken and wrong in their ideas but are either wilful or unwitting extremists in what they believe and are working for. Indeed, those politicians and parties that would destroy the West through promoting low fertility, mass immigration, and unsustainable economic globalism are just as insane, if somewhat less colourful, than the extreme right-winger presented above.

There is also another aspect of moderation that we should not fail to emphasize. Any sensible, healthy animal, person, or group that is mortally threatened will do all in its power to crush its assailant or assailants. Anything less would be an aberration and a diseased desertion of duty. So, to the assertion that we are the true moderates, we should, in addressing our enemies, add the AR battle cry of “We will crush you!”

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