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It is often remarked that Communism did the White race a major favour, helping to preserve it in its Eastern homelands, and that since its fall in 1989, those areas have become subjected to the same destructive tides of feminism, low-birth rates, and multiculturalism that have overwhelmed the West. At the same time we are supposed to be saddened that America has just returned an essentially Communist president. Is there not perhaps something of a paradox here?

There are many kinds of poverty but most forms of it are relative: essentially not having the same kind of gee-gaws as thy neighbour. Those brought up on the classics – and I mean the real classics – know this.

Poverty is also the thing that people fear the most. But most forms of poverty are good in that they are healthy, whereas the opposite is true of most kinds of affluence. I now realize that one of the main drives of my life has been an untiring quest for poverty, which, combined with my lust for wealth, has seen me kind of break even.

But back to America, the epitome of wealth: Why has America declined? We all instinctively know the answer to that – a lack of poverty or the fact that any poverty that still remains is in all the wrong places where it can do little good, because poverty doesn't benefit all people equally. It certainly doesn't benefit Black people. In Africa, which we are constantly told is a wonderland of natural resources, an untold richness of poverty has had negligible beneficial effects. But for White people it’s a different story. We have always thrived on poverty, developing, in our cold Northern wastes, the characteristics, value systems, and ways of life that define us at our best. Despite these enormous benefits, we have always sought poverty's opposite, wealth, with all its corrupting poisons.

Having Romney and Ryan in the White House, there was a very slim chance that America could have somehow extricated itself from the approaching fiscal crunch and long-term economic hollowing-out, and get back to being a living, growing economy. But if the last 50 years of multiculturalism have taught us anything it is that a living growing economy, without an inoculation of nationalism, is the worst thing for Whites.

A "living growing economy" means women drawn into the workforce, which means depressed wages for men and stressed out women, leading to retail therapy, ratty relationships, mass prostitution and/or jerking off on an industrial scale, plummeting birthrates, etc., etc. A "living growing economy" also means mass immigration and outsourcing, which means more White displacement into non-traditional jobs, as well as a bloated and pointless education sector, which intuitively realizing the roots of its growth, creates the cultural conditions to support that disease.

With Obama in the White House, it now looks like America will have a sluggish stagnant economy, with higher taxes producing less revenue and a withering private sector. There will be more government-created Mickey Mouse jobs, more attempts to extract value from the US’s military might and global positioning, a plummeting dollar producing minor but temporary upticks in employment, and more centralization 'justified' by the growing economic and social chaos. Possibly this situation will maintain itself for the next 10 to 30 years.

But how does such a Crypto-Socialist system (a.k.a. "A Generous America") work out for the various ethnic groups? Somebody said, whether in jest or not, that with this election America has finally become a Latin American nation. For White nationalists worried about becoming a minority that’s the best news possible, because why would somebody in a Latin American nation actually want to emigrate to another Latin American nation? Put like that you see how pointless it sounds.

If Romney and Ryan had managed to pull off the nearly impossible task of reviving the US economy, you could be sure that ever more Latinos would have poured into the country. Of course the welfare still looks pretty attractive to someone living in a Mexican toilet, but the economic logic of a crap US economy will see this being placed increasingly round the U-bend.

The Obamacrats have discovered that thanks to the stupidity/ naivety/ political correctness/ White-self-loathing/ desire to be fashionable/ etc. of the female and youth demographics they can get elected without flooding the country with hordes of immigrants. Having more immigrants thus becomes extremely expensive overkill at a time when the kitty is not only bare but stuffed with IOUs that are now catching fire.

Rather than a welfare cornucopia for an exploding underclass, Obama’s America will be a country of economic flat-lining and creeping austerity. This will eat away at welfare in whatever is the most politically painless form available. This will discourage immigration and also help to reduce birthrates. All that Democrat pro-abortion propaganda ain't for nothing. For cultural and economic reasons, it becomes increasingly likely that the only demographic having big families in this dystopia will be rural or small-town Whites with a hint of the Messianic in their lives.

Detroitization – the phenomenon of non-Whites taking over a city built up by Whites and them casually destroying it because there are always plenty more to move onto, or handouts to be gained by failure – will be a lot less possible in the kind of economy that Obama’s victory ushers in. In the future, the rule will be that if you make your bed you lie in it, with increasingly austere and dysfunctional welfare provision providing a safety string rather than a safety net.

The diverse and dysfunctional cities could well become the demographic equivalent of death camps, as all the abuses of urban life, a failing economy, and the inevitable curtailing of welfare combine with the establishment’s endorsement of non-progenitive sexuality. Romney and Ryan attacking welfare mums was always going to be a tricky act. America’s abortion-endorsing, women-loving Black president should have no problem.

Whisper it, don’t shout it, but with Obama in the White House and all the other problems that his election is a symbol of, the long downward curve of White racial replacement may be about to bend the other way.

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