Creating new states on the template of the old
will lead to the same problems.

by John Maelstrom

There’s a lot excitement right now about the recent outbreak of petitions on the White House website calling for secession. The latest news says there are petitions now for all fifty States, with Texas already collecting over 100,000 signatures. Wow!

On the surface this is fine. It’s even harmless fun. Nothing will come of it from this White House and it’s good to see people mentally moving in the right direction, according to my worldview.

Some of these people claiming to be for small government are finally realizing this worthy goal isn’t best achieved by slashing budgets of a gargantuan bureaucracy and military empire by a few percentage points, but by actually reducing the size of the body of humans being governed. Maybe we can best defend our freedoms by keeping our leaders within tarring-and-feathering distance, and seeking fair trade arrangements with our neighbors instead of directly invading entire regions of the globe or indirectly funding gangs of murderers who will blow things up for us. It might be worth a try, right?

Alas, I have my doubts about these petitioners. Have they seriously asked themselves how they arrived at this point in the first place? Furthermore, are they honest enough with themselves to answer this question correctly?

If I was a betting man I would guess that something approaching 90% of these new secessionists think all will be hunky-dory if we could just get some good, honest people in office; the kind of people that might populate Mayberry or the cast of Leave it to Beaver. We’re talking the kind of leadership composed of men and women who revere the Founding Fathers, the U.S. Constitution, Jesus, and apple pie. Then I would immediately place another bet that says these guys will be in the exact same position 50-100 years down the line – corrupt government, corrupt elections, obscene displays of corporate power over the interests of the average man and woman, tensions over mass immigration, cultural erosion, and rampant consumerism, followed by cycles of recession or depression, and so on.

The nihilism of the proposition nation mitigated with materialism.
You see, secessionists, the problem lies not only with the politicians and who just won the race for the White House, the problem is you and your unwillingness to come to terms with what America, as you have learned to think of it, leads to.

If you ask the typical flag-waver what makes this the greatest country on God’s green Earth, they’ll likely answer something about democracy, or the “American Dream,” or our supreme respect for the individual. If we really value the individual above all things, as most Americans do, and you combine this with the “American Dream,” that is – the race to acquire more and more money, then surely you have no issue with the fact that the individuals with the most money are using the power that comes with that money without regard to you or the common good. We must respect their individuality, after all!

Once this reality slaps you in the face you begin to see that individuals simply don’t matter, only individuals with wealth – lots of wealth – matter. When you scratch your head over it for a bit you can't honestly believe your view of the world is equal in weight to those of Warren Buffet, George Soros, or Lloyd Blankfein on that magical November day.

The sad reality is, if you were in their boots you would be doing the same thing – hiring lobbyists to get your way with lawmakers, flooding the labor pool with Third-world immigrants, outsourcing when you can’t feasibly do the mass immigration thing, buying judges, crushing small business competitors with the aid of government, and so on. Subconsciously, I think this is the reason you didn’t string them up on lamp posts generations ago. Because they are you! – only successful.

So why are some Americans finally feeling the first stirrings of that righteous rage? Could it be because we, as a mass of people inhabiting this land, are beginning to realize there is more than one nation here and these nations have nothing to do with that American Dream? Do we even understand what a nation is?

When pressed, we all understand what a nation is because it is something established by Nature. It is the ultimate expression of relatedness. It is what you seek when you seek comfort – where you buy your home, where you shop, where you send your kids to school, and where you play. Doing those things outside of your nation feels alien. Enormous propaganda, marketing, and public school indoctrination efforts have been expended trying to convince the people living here that you are all “One nation, under God,” but the truth is you’re not. This multiculturalism is really multinationalism. The same dangers you see with the United Nations being a one nation/one vote, worldwide democratic institution that could curtail your freedoms of speech, religion, or self-defense, based on the whims of the Third World, is right here, right now, in your own land!

If you really think anything will change by Texas, or Kansas, leaving the Union and returning to 1950’s America, think again. What you are suffering through now is EXACTLY what America and Americanism leads to. If you are thinking in terms of artificial borders you’re wrong. Multicultural Texas will still ultimately mean multinational Texas, and Nature will again urge it to splinter.

Secessionists, a nation is not a proposition and it is not an arbitrary set of borders. It’s not a set of laws on paper and it’s not a TV show from the 1960’s. A nation is a people – a people with a common language, a common set of morals, they share common ideals (what a neighborhood should look like, what art belongs in a museum, and what art belongs in a landfill). They have common heroes, and a common religion. That’s right. Evangelicals and Mormons could be two separate nations. They might both adore Thomas Kincaid calendars and speak English, but that all falls apart when one of them starts passing laws about what a real Christian is.

Have the courage to face the flaws of your Founding Fathers and the system they put in place. They were only human, and worse, they were humans that sought to overcome Nature. The Laws of Nature, however, stand whether we like them or not. Building a system, or tearing one apart, in accord with this reality is where we should begin.

True secession means understanding what a nation actually is. 

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