It is 60 years since I was first involved in Nationalist and European Nationalist politics, and over 60 years since I married my present wife. The result of our marriage supplies the reason why I am not content to sit back and take it easy. We have three granddaughters and three great-grandsons. It is for them that I am doing what I can to see that they have a future that is still British, still European, and does not become an ever expanding conglomeration of Third World liquorish allsorts, united only by our geographical boundaries.

Like many reading this, we once thought that in its growth years of 2006-2009 the BNP would give this nation salvation. But primarily through its inept leadership it has failed us. With only one tenth of the BNP membership of 2010, today the establishment media is happy to keep the BNP name in the public eye as a useful blind alley where they can coax potential nationalist support. The Griffin family are content with this as it will still provide some source of income.

Having carefully looked at the other nationalist – and so-called ‘nationalist’ – parties that have evolved mainly through the departure of former BNP activists, I soon appreciated that the only one with even a chance of ultimate success was the British Democratic Party. Not least because of the proven calibre of the people on the Steering Committee and because of its appreciation of the need to build up a party from the bottom, rather than from the top down.

One piece of advice I would give is that a party of 100 per cent common opinion is a party of one. A party of two will have its left wing and its right wing. That is the nature of politics. This means that one does not have to support every single policy point of the BDP to vote for it and to work for it – as long as we are all united in support of the key issue of campaigning for the survival of our people of these Britannic islands and its common culture that has evolved over several millennia. We must also be united in withdrawing from the pernicious influence of the European Union – which does not mean that we are anti-European, hence there is also room for euro-nationalists like me.

The work of the Lib-Lab-Con and its kept media has seen the power of the multicultural globalists encouraging the British to reject their cultural heritage. As a result a country is being created of many "equal civilisations," which has already led to the schizophrenic chaos of our major towns and cities. In place of our ancient rights of the individual they have substituted the rights of groups, defined largely in terms of ethnicity, gender and sexual preference.

I can see why some patriots suggest caution in referring to our ethnicity, because this is interpreted as racist by the media. Surely the point to emphasise is that we do NOT advocate superiority of any one race over another. What we are supporting is racial differences. It is this that has been responsible for the evolution of the world’s cultures, whether European, Arab, South Asian, East Asian or African. And we support the individuality of them all. We need to keep emphasising this.

We cannot, for example, follow the tactics of Gramsci and the Frankfurt school with the successful Marxist Long March Through the Institutions, for time is not on our side.

The long-term success by incremental steps of the Marxists and liberal-minded ‘useful idiots’ who have made up the bulk of our teachers at schools and universities over the past 30 years has encouraged the nation to reject its cultural heritage without knowing it. This has resulted in our being colonised by a tsunami of Afro-Asian immigration. For immigration to continue, even at half of its present rate (as the Tories suggest they are aiming for) for another decade, could mean that the battle is lost. In 30 years at a ‘reduced’ rate it would definitely be lost. Therefore the policy of ending immigration is not negotiable under a reformed BNP or a new Nationalist party. It must take priority over all other aspects of policy.

We can recover from economic downturns and even from EU and United Nations political, cultural and economic interference. But once our ethnicity is altered it is altered for ever. Those who cannot accept this and would have us soften our opposition to immigration and make it a secondary issue to withdrawal from the EU or revitalising a Christian Britain, for example, should join either UKIP, the so-called right wing of the Conservatives, or a Monastery.

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