The recent case of Steubenville high school students callously making a video of the rape of a classmate is an excellent case study of Liberal brain damage – how the Liberal’s pursuit of a pacifistic, r-selected society produces an atrophy of the very brain structure needed to fight evil. This purposefully created Liberal brain damage produces a surreal abandonment of values and traits that we would normally hold dear, if left to our own devices.
In this case, a group of high school students carried an unconscious, drunk girl, from party to party, while repeatedly stripping her naked and sexually assaulting her. While this was going on, other students watched, texting updates on the attack and posting videos to social media. Nobody stood up and tried to stop it. Two of the perpetrators have since been convicted.

These are the rabbit people which Liberals create, all of them exhibiting the fundamental trait of the Liberal – Liberal brain damage. All of these guys have been raised in a nation where Liberals have made a conscious effort to atrophy the critical brain structure required for flagging immoral material, and driving opposition to it – the amygdala. This is purposefully inflicted brain damage, designed to produce a human that is so lacking in honor that they are incapable of standing up and fighting for anything.

The amygdala is the brain structure which first flags something negative as significant to the brain, and which then nags our brain with an unpleasant aversive stimulus, until we fix the problem which the amygdala perceives. In Liberal brains, this structure is found to be measurably deficient in MRI examinations of the brains of Liberal ideologues. Liberal brain damage is real, and the damage can actually be seen when you look at a Liberal brain.

To inflict this brain damage, first Anticompetitive Liberals portray all competitive sports (which develop the amygdala with experiences of success and failure) as evil and wrong, from tag to dodge-ball. They will even ban these games, to prevent children from exercising this brain structure in any way. From each child’s earliest days, the slightest hint of aggression (an amygdala-driven behavior), even be it chewing a pop-tart into the shape of a gun, is taught to be unacceptable through aggressive punishment. The innate aversion to open sexuality (produced by amygdala activation) is removed through desensitization, while students are taught that judging any behavior of others (also an amygdala-driven behavior) is unacceptable. All of this is purposefully inflicted brain damage, designed to produce Liberalism in these youth.
At the neurological level, this is all about turning off the amygdala, so it will never be exercised, or developed. If the amygdala is never trained to flag something as significant, judge it as bad, and drive a selfless, aggressive behavior to attack it or avoid it (all functions the amygdala performs), if individuals are actually punished in childhood for allowing their amygdalae to operate in such a fashion, is Steubenville really surprising? This is precisely how Liberal brain damage manifests – these young men have been rigorously trained to behave like a Liberal. Don’t judge, don’t get upset, and never resort to aggression, no matter what is happening. It is all purposefully inflicted Liberal brain damage.
Our public education system spends our tax dollars teaching these children that aggressive men are bad, that men judging the behavior of others is bad, that women never need protection, that all manner of sexual behavior is not only acceptable, but to judge it is criminal, and that nothing is ever worth fighting over. Our culture idolizes the Lindsey Lohan’s and Chris Brown’s, who never suffer any consequence for any behavior. Be acceptable and you are unacceptable. Be unacceptable and you are acceptable. It is all upside down, because Liberals are brain-damaged, r-selected psychologies in a K-selected species.

Is it any wonder that no young man was there who would step up and make a stand to try and stop this? Suppose one had, and a fight had erupted? Who would Liberals castigate as the enemy? In a Liberal brain damaged world, to not have Liberal brain damage means you need to be punished until you exhibit it.
We see this here, as Leftists increasingly enact policies and cultural norms designed to shield amygdalae from any unpleasant stimuli, whether it be trying to normalize the grossly aberrant and indecent or forcing upon society the brain-damaging conflict-aversion of political correctness. Each new policy, by shielding the amygdala from any unpleasantness, by shutting it off, produces a population of Liberal-brain-damage zombies, whose amygdalae are non-functional. These damaged and atrophied amygdalae will flag nothing as significant or unpleasant, no matter how heinous. Here in the Steubenville case, a guy walks in on his two friends raping an unconscious girl, and it is nothing significant. The difference between that and the run-of-the-mill attitude of functionaries working in totalitarian death camps is simply a matter of degree.
Liberal brain damage will make this seem like a normal everyday occurrence – and even if it wasn’t, it wouldn’t be worth getting violent over.
In both cases, things which should have provided enough aversive stimulus to motivate fighting were brushed off as insignificant, due to Liberal brain damage. This is exactly why Hitler could so easily man the various death camps he ran, where innocent women were herded to their deaths, their children often clinging fearfully to their legs. Liberal brain damage produces the very banality of evil, by rendering everything unexceptional.
Wherever horrors are ignored by cowards, it is due to the Liberal brain damage of the rabbit-people, often usually purposely inflicted on the populace in the hopes that everyone will reject all judgmentalism and discrimination. As Liberalism progresses, each amygdala becomes wholly incapable of producing aversive stimulus in response to the site of evil. Once amassed, all of this Liberal brain damage can easily become the seed of an evil we cannot imagine, if we allow it to grow. It is designed to accept evil, bow obsequiously before it, and carry out its orders, without question or objection, no matter what they are. Nothing is worth fighting.
The saddest thing is, all of this Liberal brain damage is really created not by r-selected Liberals, so much as by the failings of the K-selected Conservatives in society. All brain damaged rabbit-people have an element of the prey species in them. Whether it be their desire to re-wild America with large man-eating predators, or their innate desire to side with whoever is the most violent in their environment, be it criminal or terrorist. We Conservatives fail to constrain Liberalism, solely because in being polite and respectful of evil cowards, we invite the contempt of the cowards for our weakness.

If ten Conservative kids had risen up, and delivered the beating that these rapists deserved, Liberals would have risen up in outrage. “It was vigilante-ism!,” they would have cried. However, as weak and pathetic Liberals, they would have been helpless to do anything about it, without the acquiescence of K-selected police officers, and the K-selected community. Is a Liberal going to confront a Conservative, face to face and subdue him? The very idea of a Liberal coward standing up and risking his own safety personally for anything is preposterous. He has Liberal brain damage.

Of course in such a scenario, the nascent rapists would never again have sunk to such depths – their amygdalae would have been trained by the shock of aversive stimuli – their Liberal brain damage cured in one shock treatment. If adult Conservatives then rose up, and posed a threat of any form to any Liberal who dared open their mouth in support of the rapists, Liberals would have retreated into the shadows, never to be heard of again, never to damage another brain with their stupidity and cowardice.
They would only have returned when Conservatives became “civilized” and respectful, at which time the Liberals would again set about normalizing rape, eliminating empathy, and sympathizing with the savages. It is our civilized natures which are most responsible for the destruction of our civilization, before our very eyes. That, is due to our own Liberal brain damage, which has caused our own amygdalae to not activate strongly enough to motivate us to deal with a problem which is right before us. That too, will be fixed by the coming collapse.
A lot of people in the American Left deride Russian President Vladimir Putin for his repression of Russian r-Leftist groups like Pussy Riot. Yet, I have no doubt, were President Putin to allow such groups to begin openly attacking Russia and its leadership, promoting sexual indecency and deviancy, and demanding leftist concessions of the government, Russia would begin a slide into r-Liberalism, immorality, and the same collapse which now stalks our nation, would be eagerly awaiting them as well.
Say what you will, under President Putin’s leadership, Russia is remaining strong and united, precisely because the r-psychologies are repressed. Even the moral effects of this on the Russian society are obvious. How many of us would have reacted with shock if a story of callous rape such as in Steubenville emerged in Moscow, instead of America? How many Europeans would be surprised if the Russians tolerated cases of Muslim gang rapes of young Russian girls in Moscow, instead of Europe? What does it say about American and European moral values that acts of savagery that we are unsurprised by in our own cultures, would seem out-of-place in nations such as Russia? Why are we willing to expect better of the Russians, than our own nations?
On the bright side, I predict that when the times comes for the pendulum to shift back, it will not take a great show of force for the Left to come scampering to the feet of Conservatives, Stockholm-Syndrome-style, supportive of all that Conservatism stands upon, and eager to please.
For of all the shortcomings of values and honor the Left exhibits, they all pale into insignificance beside the fundamental, underlying traits of Liberal brain damage – pathetic cowardice and groveling before threats.
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