Friday, 19 April 2013


The Boston terrorist attack proves one thing: Americans are sheep. For years I've heard them banging on about how they don’t have real democracy, how they are effectively living under a tyranny, how their communities are being destroyed, their country colonized, how the frog is being boiled, genocide unrolled, how Obama is the "Communist-in-Chief" preparing the totalitarian death camps of the future, etc., etc.

Like sheep, it seems, you can move them halfway round the world and park them in a field and they'll just go on passively chewing till its mutton time, with the occasional idle bleat to add a rustic note to the scenario.

Whether their fears are justified or not is beside the point, as it's clear that a large enough group of Americans – at least several times the population of Northern Ireland (and a lot better armed) – actually believe these fears, while a look at any urban race map will tell you that it is in fact fear that shapes the country, rather in the same way that the trajectory of a sheepdog shapes a herd of sheep.

But despite all the fear, loathing, and terror in their hearts, it takes two plucky immigrants from a tortured and cruelly-oppressed land far far away to actually commit the madness of the Boston Marathon Bombing (BoMB!). Americans, it seems, always have to import people to do their dirty work, even if it's an explosion amid a crowd of innocents. Sorry to 'drone' on about this, but the only terrorism Americans seem capable of committing is the kind where you shoot rockets from a flying robot into an indistinct location on an ambiguous screen between trips to the toilet and the coffee pot.

Terrorism has many uses from generalized 'revenge' and a desire to give others a taste of what you and yours have suffered to weakening the power and will of the mighty to exert their tyranny by attacking military and political targets. Sometimes it is just bad karma or blind rage. But, most of all, it serves to show that you actually care. In Tibet the same effect can be had by setting yourself on fire. For these Chechens this attack was also a little like that, but essentially this attack is all about "sharing."

From the viewpoint of Chechens, Boston must seem like a rather smug, self-satisfied and pampered place: none of the tanks, bombs, or rapes that defined their family or tribe’s experience! Just to give a taste of Grozny to these SWPLs standing around in their Abercrombie & Fitches waiting to Twitter the Marathon!

What this attack shows is that terrorism is essentially a rare flower and a slow one to grow. It does not jump fully formed from some internet forum, where aliases unleash the beef and post pictures of themselves awkwardly coddling firearms. Nor does it come into being at the behest of Liberal news media masturbating over the fantasy of snaggle-toothed rednecks cooking up bombs like moonshine in their Appalachian hideouts.

Instead it is a plant that grows in the real world, y'know, the one with history, identity, and a lot more suffering than America's puny stress tolerance levels can support. The deadly flower of terrorism needs to be watered by blood and tended by suffering over generations that talk to each other. In other words it is not a plant that is indigenous to the American soil. America is in fact the desert of terrorism.

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