Sunday, 21 April 2013


When you’re covered in shit – whether your own or something you just trod in – what do you do? There are a number of strategies. I don’t want to leave any of them out so here is a list:
  1. Head straight for the nearest tap or bathroom to wash the shit off.
  2. Ignore your own shit and instead divert the "shit narrative" to other people’s shit.
  3. Pretend that the shit isn’t shit (and even wallow in it).
  4. A combination of any 2 or 3 of the above.
There, I think that about covers it.

Now, on Hitler’s birthday, even the most upstanding White nationalists and radical traditionalists can’t help getting a little bit of Hitler scheiße on their shoes. Just as Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot…(It’s a long list, so I’m going to stop here!)... are the shit-by-association of all egalitarians and left-wingers, so old Uncle Addie is our shit-by-association. Of the above responses I am in favour of #1. It’s shit, it’s stuck to your shoes – wash it off! This means saying clearly and concisely that Hitler was not somebody you care to emulate. There are two ways of saying this. One is to criticize him as evil and the other is to point out what a failure he was.

Yes, Adolf, stamp out Communism, by all means, but first try to win the bloody war first, ya twat! Now, thanks to Hitler, Marxism’s poisonous offshoots are everywhere, which now brings us to the second option, talking about other people’s shit. Yes, every political position has its dark side. Democracy of the drones, fire bombings, nuclear attacks, genocide by immigration, etc., etc. Say no more.

But when you start talking about someone else’s shit in retaliation for them talking about your shit, then it just seems that what you're really after is a quid pro quo shitocracy: “Leave my shit alone, and I’ll leave your shit alone.” The third option is of course the most mentally deranged: pretending that Hitler was a swell guy. This has two main settings: but and because.
  1. "OK, Hitler did some bad shit, BUT he had loads of excuses from the Jewish bankers, the Occupation of the Rhineland, hyperinflation, the Reds, the War, the blockade by the British navy, etc. All things considered, I’m surprised he wasn’t more of a c*nt. Plus, he really did a lot of good in the few short years before he accidentally invaded Poland." 
  2. "Hitler was a swell guy BECAUSE he did a lot of bad shit."
Just as the trash in society are attracted to totems of power – professional wrestlers, monster trucks, or gangsta stylee – so some of the impotent are attracted to thugs like Hitler or Stalin. The guy should be an irrelevance for the very real political problems that we face today, but he’s a mental short cut – and short circuit – to the idea of the big, scary, racially conscious White man that the little, scared, racially conscious White man finds as temporarily warm and comforting as a freshly pissed pair of pants.

In short, Hitler equals impotence and a certain degree of incontinence.

The degree to which White nationalists and radical traditionalists adhere to the Hitler cult – whether this actually involves having teapots made in his likeness or not – is a measure of the puniness both internal and external of their movement. All strong White nationalists and radical traditionalists should therefore take this opportunity to distance themselves from Hitler. Those who don’t we can conclude are either directly working for our enemies ($$$), are drawn to the Hitler myth by their own twisted psychology, or are mistakenly trying to piss off Liberals. The last of these is quite unnecessary as, believe me, there are plenty of other ways to piss off Liberals that don’t involve repelling decent people.

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