Young Syrian girl rapidly approaching "rape age."

With some kind of attack on Syria apparently imminent, it’s heartening to see the high moral fiber of the “freedom fighters” that America would like to shed its cruise missiles to support.

While most marauding gangs of thugs would be happy to use their fleeting local ascendancy to murder, rape, and steal as they pleased, the noble “freedom fighters” to whom John McCain and now President Obama have taken a such shine to, prefer to do things strictly by the book. Too bad that the book in question just happens to be the Koran – an epilepsy-and-sun-stroke-inspired work, written in a milieu of dark age desert warfare and age-insensitive gang rape.

In Islam, doing things by the book, doesn't mean not raping. It simply means forcing the victims into a “marriage,” which can instantly be renounced in the post-coital stage. This is what happened to Miriam, a 15-year-old Christian girl from the village of Al-Qusayr, who, according to reports from, was forced into 15 consecutive marriages, followed by brutal “honeymoons” and whirlwind divorces, over a period of 15 days, before finally getting her throat slashed in thanks.

"Odd how my fingers smell of blood."
Too bad they didn’t keep her alive and send her as a thank you present to Senator John “Mad Dog” McCain for his untiring efforts to arrange thousands more similar “marriages” throughout Syria – but I guess even jihadists have a sense of mercy.

Shocking as this incident is, it is all in line with the self-righteous rape culture encoded in the Koran, a book, it must be remembered, that was written to keep a roaming gang of cutthroats together.

But, at least, these savages try to follow their book and keep to its rules, no matter how quaint they may seem to civilized audiences. In this respect they are to be commended over states, like the USA, which constantly proclaim their belief in peace, international law, and the writ of the United Nations, while developing convenient blind spots.

At least the child-raping, flesh-eating jihadis of the "Free Syrian Army," would have sleepless nights if they thought they had infringed on the word of "the Prophet." Bomb Syria if you must, by all means, but while you’re at it don't forget to dissolve the UN and shred international law at the same time.

Until America learns to act with more honesty and consistency, it will continue to resemble the fifteen “husbands” of Miriam: as a country repeatedly "raping peace" within the sham legal forms of its phony international humanitarianism.

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