Monday, 16 September 2013


So, out of fifty hot pieces of ass, they went with the swarthiest, most foreign-looking ass of the bunch.

Mighty white of them!

Yes, that's right... In case you hadn't heard, Miss America has gone out of its way to acknowledge the "ethnic other" this year. Out of the typical bevy of beaming babes putting themselves on display last Sunday night in that inimitable, adorably pre-feminist manner – widely grinning, regally waving, strutting their formidably sexy stuff in sparkling evening dresses and curve-hugging bikinis, and guilelessly delivering vapid answers to stupid questions from judges, in the best beauty pageant tradition – the assessors of the 2013 event (which included out-of-the-closet NSYNC-er Lance Bass; what the hell does he know about girls, anyhow?) chose the one from New York; the exotic, masala-flavored chickadee of the litter, a 24-year old named Nina Davuluri.

The subtext of the decision: "Take that , White America! Suck it, ye of the Caucasian persuasion! You mad, bro?" Etc.

Pretty fly for a brown girl.
As might be expected, not everyone in the hinterlands of Murika, Fuck Yeah is pleased with the outcome of the annual specatcle. In the aftermath of the crowning of the dark-haired, dark-eyed, Dravidian beauty as the new Miss America, it seems that some nefarious Tweeters have pitched a bitch fit over Miss Davuluri's victory, in turn prompting media types to do what they do best – that is, to bemoan the ugly and conspicuous "racism" of Middle American whites. Nowhere do the shocked and outraged scribblers acknowledge that the judges' collective decision amounted almost certainly to a delieberate provocation, designed to achieve just such a response, a massive red flag waved by self-appointed bigot-baiters.

Then again, I think people are retarded to get too bent out of shape about something like this... who fucking cares, really? Again, it's a beauty pageant – a thing of sound and fury and drama, of fake smiles and phony adulation, of catty subplots and canny backbiting, of shamelessly flaunted T'n'A and classed-up cheesecake – entertaining, yes, but ultimately signifying nothing.

Whining about the winner not looking like us is beneath us. It makes us seem small, querulous, and petty. Why not be nice to the Indian girl? It's not her fault that she became a prop to advance trendy anti-white attitudes among the liberal elite! In fact, displaying such behavior pretty much plays into the enemy's hands. We must resist being baited, and uphold our dignity in the face of scurrilous taunts.

However, we ought not be too naive to acknowledge that Miss D's coronation, however trivial, does indeed amount to another grim portent of our times. Give the girl her due, but at the same time don't be deluded as you continue to tread warily through the troubled waters of the Zeitgeist, Mighty Whitey. It's only going to get worse before it gets better.

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