Sunday, 29 December 2013


by Dave Stevens

There is no doubt that Nigerian Immigrants Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale killed Drummer Lee Rigby. They boasted of doing so and have rightly been convicted of murder. They deserve the martyrdom they seek at the end of a hangman’s rope, and if Britain was really a democracy in which the will of the British people was done that is what they would get. In fact they cannot be sentenced at all until a panel of senior judges tell the trial judge what sentences the "European Court of Human Rights" will allow him to pass on them .

But Adebolajo and Adebowale are not the ONLY people who killed Lee Rigby.

The people in successive Governments, Labour and Tory, who let them, or their parents, come and live in this country and gave such Nigerian Africans British passports killed him too. If they hadn't done that Drummer Rigby would be alive today. Again, if Britain was really a democratic country where the British Government did what the British people wanted this would never have happened.

The people – they are the same people – who let millions of Third World Muslim colonists come and settle in our country and spread their creed to recruit idiots like Adebolajo and Adebowale thereby also killed Lee Rigby. Again, if they hadn't done that Lee Rigby would still be alive today. Again, if this country was really a democracy where its people ruled this would never have happened. In fact, no British Government was ever elected with a mandate to settle millions of Africans and Asians within our shores – or indeed any millions.

Finally, Lee Rigby would not have been hacked to death on a London High Street if his comrades hadn't been sent to invade remote Muslim countries like Iraq and Afghanistan of no relevance whatever to Britain, in the process provoking many Muslims into fanatical hatred of our country (if not of their possession of our passports) and our servicemen. Murderous hatred, in this case. Again, if this was a democratic country those soldiers and airmen wouldn't have been sent in many cases to die defending American oil and other interests in faraway wastelands. As with every one of the steps that led to Drummer Rigby's horrific death, it is clear that the great bulk of the British people were against what successive Governments did without asking them.

Two crazed Nigerian Muslim convert fanatics killed young Drummer Lee Rigby. But they weren't the only people who had a hand in his horrible death. Those who imported his killers and the creed that drove them, and gave that creed its murderous quarrel with our country are just as guilty. Without them and their decades of contempt for the views of the British people in whose name they pretend to govern under a façade of fake “democracy”, Drummer Lee Rigby would today be preparing to spend a happy Christmas with his family.

Lee Rigby’s blood is on their hands, the hands of successive Tory, Labour and now Tory/LibDem governments for sixty years, as much as it is on those of the machete-wielding maniacs who actually slew him. One day Britain really will be a democracy. One day the voice of the British people will finally be heard.

Originally published at the website of The British Democratic Party.

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