Monday, 10 February 2014


In this segment of an interview, comedy mogul Jerry Seinfeld displays welcome irritation, bordering on sheer, stark, fed-up pissiness, with those who bitch about the lack of racial diversity on his and other television programs. "Diversity? Who cares?" he asks, rhetorically. What should matter, he adds, isn't the racial proportionality of a cast, but whether or not a comedy show is actually funny.

A segment of Alt Right's readership will protest, "Seinfeld is a Jew!" Yes, but in this interview he clearly isn't playing the "Jew" card. Instead, he calls attention to the fact that his cast, as well as his audience, is overwhelmingly white, moreover asserting that (just as his character on "Seinfeld" might say) there is nothing wrong with that. This attitude is the very opposite of Kevin MacDonald's "culture of critique," wherein the proclivities of white gentiles are automatically held in suspicion and contempt by Jewish elites.

Wherever one stands on the "Jewish question," we think it would behoove our readers to applaud this particular Jew's open defiance of the ever-present white-shaming bully-brigade. Bravo, Jerry.

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