Thursday, 6 February 2014


Denmark has, according the the official statistics, 10% non-white immigrants. This would sound like heaven on Earth to white Americans, who are becoming a minority at lightning speed. This is a situation we in Denmark have a little more time to avoid. But not much more.

However having only 10% non-whites isn't the paradise some people might imagine. When non-white immigrants arrive in Denmark they naturally settle in areas with other non-whites, which results in white people moving out of the area when the percentage of non-whites reaches a certain level. This creates areas which are almost but not quite exclusively non-white. So even a comparatively small percentage of non-whites on a national level doesn't mean much if you live in an area with 80% Arabs and Somalis.

A lot of Danish families live in these kinds of areas. They are living in these ghettos either because they couldn't afford to move when the white flight began or they had to move into the area for the low rent because of unemployment. For several years, Denmark has been rated the happiest country in the world, but these Danes certainly aren't the happiest people in the world – their lives are filled with racially motivated terror and intimidation.

A few years ago a major Danish newspaper ran a story about a young couple and their 10 year-old son, who lived in one of the most infamous ghettos in Denmark.

The couple were out for a walk one evening and were stopped by a police car. The policemen asked them about something that was burning down the street. Just because they had dared to talk to a policeman the couple were terrorised for almost a year by Arabs. They were yelled at in the street, forced off the bus and their son was almost run over on multiple occasions. After they were almost killed by having paving stones thrown through their windows, they had to flee the area.

The Danish law enforcement has almost no power in these ghettos, which makes the Arab gangs and the Islamic clergy the de facto government and law enforcement. The police are afraid to go into the ghettos in fear of getting firebombed, and if ambulances are called to these ghettos, they have to be escorted by the police to prevent the ambulances from being trashed or set on fire.

This gives us a glimpse into the future. What will happen when Danes are the minority in Denmark and the ghetto extends to the entire country?

Right now, Danish families who live in these ghettos are experiencing systematic terror. In some of these ghettos, nine out of ten burglaries are targeted towards the few Danes who live there. This is done in an effort to scare these families into moving out of the area.

When the entire country is transformed into a ghetto, there will be nowhere left to move.

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