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Never forget the atrocity of this photo.

by Thomas Pellow

Perhaps some of you have seen this picture before. It is a 'class activity' that sees a black man in traditional dress putting a group of White children into a slave yoke and parading them around a classroom. A white male supervisor wearing a shirt that reads "so, so sorry" (not "so-so sorry") stands and watches to ensure obedience on the part of the students.

It is a frightening image, for it shows the radical agenda of the powerful 'progressive' left at their most unguarded. Here we see our children, our future, indoctrinated to hate and destroy the fruits of hundreds, even thousands years of sacrifice and toil. These children are taught that their ancestors were evil slavers, genocidal maniacs, bigots, ethnocentrists, violent hateful monsters, enemies of humanity; anathema to all that is considered, 'good' in our enlightened age.

The ones behind this, those who set the agenda, are often educated men and women, students of history. Yet their memories are very selective.

For a start, the British Empire declared war first on Black slavery and later on White slavery, the latter being the slavery of its own native subjects and their European cousins by murderous Moroccan Muslims. The very same Muslims that progressives, especially those in the UK, love and tolerate and embrace as brothers. Muslims reject collective guilt of the kind shown in this picture, and would laugh if the hypocritical academic establishment had the balls to demand they shoulder it. Which may be why they don't.

I do not believe any other racial or political collective in all human history has declared war on the institution of slavery with any lasting success, except for the sons of the British Isles, and later, those who fought in the American Civil War on the Union side. They fought for the preservation of the Union, but also for the ideological position that slavery was barbarous. Their sacrifice is spat upon and forgotten, along with the valour of the Southerners who fought foremost for the States' Rights they were promised, not merely to keep their slaves at work.

In the same way, the Germans of today share their vilification with the contemporary descendants of those who fought against them in those horrible fratricidal wars. No distinction made, for both groups are White. No sacrifice by our kind is great enough to assuage the vicious rage of those who hate us and all we have achieved.

They hate us in spite of our ancestors' willing adoption of their values centuries before they came into vogue. They hate us despite our peoples' overwhelming modern conformity to the madness they peddle — always they demand more, for all that we can give will never be enough.

Regardless of what we do, these people hate us.

They hated us when we fought at sea against slavers, confiscating ships and returning slaves to the coast of Africa. Slaves sold to slavers by other Africans in the vast majority of cases; ships owned, as often as not, by a certain group whose victim status places them at the top of the so-called, 'hierarchy of rights.'

They hated us when we stormed through the Southern guns holding aloft the Red White and Blue in the name of the Union, freeing yet more slaves and butchering our blood cousins in the South in order to break a promise we made them long ago. A promise that they could secede from the union if they wished, and which once broken sowed the seeds of tyranny in the heart of a great nation. A free nation, the likes of which the world had never seen; one that now slides inexorably into madness despite the efforts of good men to keep it great.

They hated us when we firebombed Dresden in an act of calculated murder against German civilians, our own kin, ordinary working men and women. They stripped the bombers of armour to fit more fire and death into their holds, risking the lives of the perilous crews to slaughter more innocent White life on the streets below. They targeted the civillian areas and not the factories mere miles away. And still, it was not enough.

They hate us on D-Day, V-Day, and today.

In fact, they hate us to the point that they posit our non-existence as a self-fulfilling prophesy, yet all the while they fawn over the other races and cultures of mankind, bemoaning our, 'displacement' of 'native peoples'. But what of our, 'native title'? There is nothing to be heard of it, with cries of, 'racist' meeting suggestions to the contrary, and talk of even the UK being a, 'nation of immigrants.'

After all, were not those who arrived with the thousand-year-old Norman Conquerors immigrants? Were not the Angles and Jutes immigrants before them? Clearly there is no such thing as a 'native' in the British Isles, which justifies the displacement-level immigration overwhelming its shores today. Besides, we did it to others, which makes it okay to do it to us. Two wrongs make a right when it's convenient for the progressives and their enablers.

No matter what our people do, we can't win. We're always evil, we're always, 'the cancer of history' to quote Susan Sontag. We cannot atone for the crimes we, as individuals, did not personally commit, for the hatred directed at us is not a rational thing. In dreadful mimicry of a mother's love, their hate is unconditional.

Their hate is not based upon our action or inaction, our compliance or resistance. It is absolute and unreasoning. It is a hate that demands ancestral guilt, but denies ancestral pride. It is a hate that demands endless apology and atonement, but will never offer forgiveness in return.

In the world today, progressives demand we prove we are not guilty of the ultimate White sin of, 'racism' by betraying our own interests and serving the interests of those who despise us. This might make sense, might actually be a path to understanding with those that feel wronged by our ancestors, had not our ancestors already atoned on our behalf. They bled and died for the forgiveness and liberty of other peoples. They surrendered colonial conquests, and indulged the demands of those who would see their empires dismantled. Power surrendered, often willingly, often on the basis of high ideals and universalist morals. Acts of generosity that are almost unique in the tale of human history.

Amends have been made, and made again on our behalf. Yet this is not taught to those who feel wronged by us. It is omitted from the historical record, hushed away in favour of black armband history. This is proof of just how desperate, how viciously irrational, Progressive hatred really is.

The point we are made to prove today was proven long ago; proven again and again. But never to their satisfaction. We must prove it again today. How many times, one wonders? When will it ever be enough?

The answer is never. There is nothing we can do to appease these people or abate their hatred and rage. We cannot love our enemies into submission. Compliance is not enough — for them to be happy, we must annihilate ourselves to the last patch of pale skin, the last pair of blue or green eyes and the last lock of blonde or crimson hair.

Beyond the traits ascribed to the Germanic-descended peoples, we would also see the loss of the rest of our European heritage. The last old story, the last brown-eyed beauty or tall, dark, dashing stranger. The last child in a mother's arms with a strong father to provide for them; a familial model arguably as old as our people, yet one they deem, 'sexist' and 'patriarchally oppressive.'

All of these things must go, for they are incompatible with an ideology that sees the popular social networking site, 'Facebook' endowed with 50-something gender options. It is an ideology that abhors purity and celebrates the degradation of all things, the changing of ways purely for change's sake, and the enslavement of all mankind to the material and the profane.

Such revelations may seem alarmist. Surely this isn't leading in one direction. Surely that's the slippery slope fallacy, a popular defense offered against such allegations.

Only it's not a fallacy. It is a policy. The progressives call it, 'intersectionality,' and it holds that any and all 'oppression', any prudishness, any failure to be, 'inclusive' toward all habits and perversions, is to sustain the great evil that progressives struggle against. Whether it's pedophilia, bestiality, or gay marriage, all of these things are part of the 'oppressive matrix' of our society, and must be destroyed for a new and tolerant age to dawn. A brave new world where our old ways, where the abomination of, 'western civilisation', will finally be vanquished, along with all its finest works.

And just what is, 'Western Civilisation'? Western civilisation is a set of values that we once shared as a people. Today, it is almost unrecognisable, and has been thoroughly subverted. It lives on in hearts that bear the brand of reactionary flame, from whence it may be born again if only we can preserve it.

It is a future where our songs, our traditional dress, our languages, our nuances, our customs and our ways of life may persevere. It is a candle progressives would snuff out in a heartbeat given the chance. To them, our civilisation is intolerable. They despise it and would see it cast out and replaced with their sick, artificial ideologies.

Make no mistake. Western Civilisation is still ours. We, the New Barbarians in this crumbling Rome, are its inheritors. What purports to be Western Civilisation today, with feminism, declining birthrates, economic turmoil, mass immigration, sexual deviancy and pluralist utopianism, has almost nothing in common with the civilisation that prevailed prior to holocaust of thought in the 1960s. Western civilisation lives on in our hearts. We are the light in the darkness, and it is our duty to stand strong and one day bring the dawn.

Whether we choose to acknowledge this destiny or not, whether we choose to hide alone behind internet pseudonyms, never emerging from our studies or basements to meet with others like us for fear of the dreaded, 'knock on the door' from men in silk suits, is irrelevant to whether we are hated. We are hated for being born as what we are. The Weathermen, the ideological predecessors of today's slimier, more insidious progressives, held seminars on the ethics of killing all White babies for the good of mankind. So what can we do? Claim that those who hate us are a powerless minority among the 'well meaning' progressives who push gay marriage and peddle White Guilt?

If you ever needed proof that powerful people either hate us or enable those that do, then look no further than that picture of those White children, yoked by a black, while a White 'male' looks on. Theirs is an evil mentality, born not of ignorance — for these people know history as well as we do — but of deliberate, knowing, genocidal malice. They know we freed the slaves. They know how hard we fought, how often we died, for the benefit of the Other. They just don't care.

So why? Why the hatred? It is, perhaps, our inability to be mediocre that is partly at fault.

Ours is not an egalitarian history. Perhaps this is why they despise us so — because by virtue of our mere existence, we threaten the egalitarian myth. Our history is one of exceptionalism, of glory and conquest, of true progress, of power and majesty.

Our people have not always acted justly, and we count among us as many dastardly villains as we do glorious heroes. But ours is a thrilling tale, full of hard men and brave women who pushed the boundaries of what was possible and, through hook or crook, found a way where the other peoples of the world so often failed.

It is a history that forces at work in the world today would end. We do not face some candle-lit conspiracy, but rather, a horrible consensus. Left or right, the establishment agrees that White ethnic interests are abominable and evil, and that it is righteous to work against them.

Whether for economic reasons or for political ones, this consensus would see our people decimated by the end of this century beyond the point of recovery.

The question is, what to do about it?

Jack Donovan's speech for the National Policy Institute, entitled, 'The New Barbarians', offers one of the best possible sets of answers at this point in time. The PLE Prospectus offers another, in many ways just as good. More controversially, the Butler Plan of Harold Covington's Northwest Front, or at least its early, non-violent stages, furnishes the bravest among us with yet another solution to our existential crisis. All of the above encourage White migration to a manageable area, putting people who feel a common sense of ethnocentric solidarity within driving and trading distance of one another. This activity SHOULD have taken place decades ago. But now, with time running out, we are forced to take these first baby steps.

Will those who get up and do something be branded racists? Will our quiet, clandestine and above all perfectly legal efforts be rooted out and targeted by progressives, who will scream abuse and endeavour to defame and destroy us? Yes. Absolutely. It is inevitable that any effort to create an area which is unabashedly White both demographically and culturally will result in all manner of efforts, legal and illegal, to wipe it off the map. Individuals will be targeted along with the collective. Even if we are peaceful, we will be subjected to terrible abuse. As I have already pointed out, these people hate us and everything we represent. Unless we are apologising for the colour of our skins and our birthright, our inheritance, then we are targeted. And even when we do, we are never quite, 'sorry' enough. Attempting to live within this society but apart from it, and among our own, is definitely not their definition of 'sorry'.

All persecuted groups in history have had the sense to pull together and form communities of blood or faith. All of them, except for us. It's time we started understanding exactly what the future looks like. Things will not get better. As our universities churn out a new generation of brainwashed bureaucrats and leaders who believe that, 'white privilege' must be eliminated for a progressive utopia to emerge, that Whites are inherently racist from birth despite us being, 'one race the human race', it won't matter if we live alone in a sea of diversity, or as part of a collective that stands for our own interests. We will still be targeted. That goes double if law and order breaks down, and the indoctrinated hatred of other ethnic groups leads them to our doors.

The key is to stop being sorry, and to understand that whatever we do, we will be hated. That there is no path to peace and understanding with the ideology of the establishment for White people, except for utter self destruction.

They will hate us if we stand together, and they will hate us if we stand apart. So let us stand together, and meet the storm.

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