by Andy Nowicki

The USA is becoming a bone fide police state, albeit a superficially benign one which retains many of the trappings of what is traditionally known as “freedom.” Though the vast majority of citizens (or more properly, subjects) of these United States (make that this United State) have no power to restrain their rulers’ rapacious appetites for plunder, graft, and outright murder, they are nevertheless permitted to criticize these propensities of the ruling class, with as much vitriol as they see fit, and with overall legal impunity. Indeed, pretty much anyone can mouth off about pretty much any major issue, brazenly taking the anti-establishment side, and can pretty much get away with it, after a fashion.

Speaking generally, no state or federal authority will come to your house and cart you off in handcuffs if you speak ill of the predominant agenda or ideology of the powers-that-be in some public forum. Unlike in Canada and many European countries, nobody goes to prison for violating “hate speech” laws here. And deadly “black-op” hits, while clearly practiced, are not commonly unleashed against mere garden-variety political dissidents, whose chatter may grate on the ears of their betters, but whose actual ability to alter decisions made on high amount to nil. Thus, to his readers’ relief, or possibly their chagrin, your humble correspondent is unlikely to be taken out by a drone strike or mangled grotesquely in a mysterious car crash, or to become a sudden and inexplicable “suicide” victim (even though if he did, some might claim that it makes sense, since the nigga did write a book about it, after all…).

Still, if we are generally free to say what we want any ol’ time, it would be a mistake to glibly ignore how thoroughly our rulers own us. They essentially consider us their property, and if their attitude towards us seems largely lenient and indulgent, we ought not be fooled: we are still dwellers on their plantation, and they will strive ardently to bring us to heel if we get too uppity.

As abundant evidence has indicated, the grotesquely oppressive dimensions of the surveillance state are far more all-encompassing than anyone had previously expected. But if we except (not to say, accept) such grievous circumstances, the fact still remains that so-called “soft totalitarianism” has long been the preferred mode by which dissidents are punished by the powers-that-be. Anyone who vocally opposes the “smelly little orthodoxies” of multiculturalism, feminism, and homophilia is deemed a moral leper, after which a subtle but vicious campaign of passive-aggression is instigated, and the leper in question is thereafter effectively deprived of livelihood and exiled from polite society. No recourse to wiretapping, cyber-espionage, arrest, hostile interrogation, or any other state-sponsored terrorism is needed; instead, he is simply held up for public opprobrium as a “hater” or some such, and an invisible scarlet letter is stamped to his forehead, numbering him as one of those repugnant dalits whom no one wants to touch in any way.

The relentless cruelty of such an approach is no doubt what makes it so effective. After all, nobody, not even the crustiest of misanthropes, wants to be totally ostracized and reviled by human society. Everyone craves at least some measure of acceptance from his fellow man. Speaking more practically (given the general necessity of a regular income), no one wants to lose his job, or render himself unhirable due to being convicted of engaging in aggravated thoughtcrime.

Still, the Zeitgeist-guardians need a backup plan to target those hearty souls actually willing to brave the perils of destitution and the consequences of societal lepritude. In such cases, the state can still hound and harass its most brazen enemies the old-fashioned way: by using its technological power to seek out these individuals and cut them down to size by exposing any weakness that is exploitable or any flaw which presents itself as blackmailable.

In this sense, the recent well-publicized failure of Arizona lawmakers to protect any individual or corporate entity from opting out of celebrating so-called gay “marriage” based on citation of religious conscience (thus in effect forcing every business owner to swear fealty to an outrageous innovation which places the act of buggery on the same exalted level as normal, procreative marital relations) provides an apt example of the behavior of a power-drunk, hyper-controlling centralized authority vis a vis those with the temerity to take a stand against its mandatory dogmas.

Indeed, it is not at all inappropriate that the enforced sanctification of homosexuality should be the most conspicuous manifestation of the ruling class’s contemptuous abuse of its hapless subjects. Buggery, after all, is the most common means by which the powerful prey upon the weak in prison, usually with the full knowledge and connivance of the prison guards, despite the latter’s ostensible mission to protect their charges from harm. It makes sense, then, that in a nation whose citizens are increasingly treated as if they were prisoners, that the state’s enemies must—under penalty of law—bend over and endure the indignity of such a spectacular and egregious violation from bullying agents of the buggering state. It's for your own good, hater—so shut up and take your rectal medicine!

Andy Nowicki, co-editor of Alternative Right, is the author of six books, including Lost Violent Souls, Heart Killer and The Columbine Pilgrim. He occasionally updates his blog when the spirit moves him to do so.

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