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UKIP - the image is sharper than the reality.

by Jack Buckby

I know this title sounds a little far fetched for someone on the right of politics, but I absolutely believe that it is true. By no means am I suggesting that the Labour Party is good for Britain – quite the obvious actually – but what I am suggesting is that UKIP’s presence on our political landscape is adding to the problems of multiculturalism, political correctness and self hatred that have largely been implemented under Tony Blair’s Labour government.

The reason why I suggest that UKIP is so dangerous is because it is offering false hope. The anti-EU party was significantly more conservative, and even culturist, under the leadership of Lord Pearson, though his lack of charisma and many gaffes meant that he simply had to go. Ever since Farage has returned, UKIP has spiralled into a pit of political correctness and Islamic appeasement.

Despite this, UKIP recently topped an Independent on Sunday poll as the most popular party in the United Kingdom. This shows us, not that most of Britain are in favour of UKIP, but that most of Britain are tired of political correctness and the European Union. But how is this the case, when UKIP is a beacon for political correctness these days?

UKIP is lying, that’s why. The party is libertarian. Its membership is rammed full of libertarians who, by nature, aren’t concerned greatly by immigration, and put national culture as secondary behind the free market. The average voter of course does not know this, and certainly would not support it if asked about it. Regardless, these issues are ignored by most of the media, and the party is portrayed as a solution for the average, working man.

The party is also seen as a counter Jihad solution by many, no thanks to Tommy Robinson, former leader of the English Defence League, offering his support of UKIP on Twitter. This irresponsible move has seen thousands of people flock to the party in the hope that it will discuss the issue of Islam in Britain openly and frankly.

There was a time that Farage was a little more open about the problem, as can be seen in this video, but today, UKIP demonises folk who dare discuss Islamofascism. With the likes of EDL members proscribed from joining UKIP, it is clear that the party is afraid of being seen as a movement that opposes Islam. It is also abundantly clear that they will take any opportunity to discredit those who oppose Islam, in turn, normalising the idea that Islam is not a clear and present danger to the United Kingdom, our people and our national culture of freedom and democracy.

The reason this is so concerning is that, despite this, UKIP is growing by the day. It is clear that the party will do tremendously well in the next European elections on May 22nd , and that the Conservative Party will begin catering to right wing UKIP supporters in an effort to fend off the party. In the short term, this could mean a Britain independent from the European Union, but in the long term, it means so called ‘conservatives’ being totally oblivious to the threat of Islam on national culture.

Think about it – if a party that is seen largely as conservative and culturist is regularly attacking people who oppose Islam, then over time, this will be normalised. It will become even more commonplace for regular, patriotic people to totally ignore the threat that Islam poses, in the form of fascism at a governmental level, the rejection of manmade law an the inhumane treatment of women and homosexuals.

As rational and intelligent people, we must of course reject this, but we must work hard to ensure that UKIP does not normalise the view that these things are not a threat, which they do partly by sacking anyone who talks openly about Islam. Every day that UKIP becomes more popular, the closer we are to becoming a nation of ignorant fools who can’t see a threat that’s close enough to bomb our public transport, rape and murder our daughters.

UKIP is incredibly damaging to this nation, more so than Labour, who would simply trundle along with their multicultural policies, angering the regular people of this country as they always do. With UKIP, the regular people of Great Britain could easily be fooled into thinking that the problems they have complained about for decades now, are solved – when with UKIP policies, they simply wouldn’t be.

UKIP offers no solution to the Islamification of Britain. It does not offer a solution to multiculturalism, and it demonises those who consider themselves to be culturist and a part of an essential counter-Jihad movement.

UKIP is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It’s also not a solution for the ‘short term’. Oftentimes I am told that people are voting UKIP as a ‘stepping stone’, whereby Britain can withdraw from the European Union and then other issues can be dealt with. Frankly, I think a Britain in the European Union tackling Islam is better than an independent Britain fooled by UKIP liars and multiculturalists. These issues must be tackled at the same time, if anything will ever get done. We must oppose the EU, and oppose Islam and fascism at the same time.

There’s another side to this however, and it boils down to tactics. A common argument I hear is that ‘UKIP is the best of a bad bunch’ or that ‘UKIP poses a threat to the establishment’. Whilst I can understand why some people think this way, I cant help but get infuriated when people think that this is a logical reason to vote for the party. It is absolutely not.

UKIP is not the only party that poses a threat to the establishment. The SNP also poses a threat, as does the Labour Party. The very fact that these party pose a threat does not mean that they should be trusted. UKIP may well pose a threat to the Coalition, but it would certainly be more dangerous, fooling people into a false sense of security.

For these reasons, I recognise that Liberty GB is the most important political party in the country. No other party offers a viable solution to the Islamisation of Britain, a positive culturist vision or prospects for regular working people. UKIP offers false hope, the Labour Party multiculturalism and the Conservative Party ‘modernisation’ and white guilt.

I urge any person who considers themselves culturist, patriotic, conservative or just plain ‘right wing’ to evaluate UKIP properly. What have they done to oppose the threat of Islam or multiculturalism? What have they said about those who do? What do they actually offer other than a voice about the dangers of the European Union?

UKIP is more of a danger than the Labour Party because the voters know what they’re getting with Labour. UKIP, however, is normalising incredibly dangerous views. Not only will our children continue to be taught that Islam is a ‘religion of peace’ under UKIP, but grown adults are slowly being indoctrinated by the charismatic Farage who offers nothing but cultural neutrality for Great Britain.

Myself, along with Paul Weston and Enza Ferreri will be standing in the South East of England for the European elections in May this year. We hope that you can lend us your support, your man power, kindly donate, become a member or vote for us if you live in the constituency. We’re not politicians, and we’re certainly not in this for the money. We recognise that Britain is in serious danger, and that politicians and liars in UKIP are just making things worse. Please help us, for the sake of our freedoms.

Originally published at Culturist Jack.

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