Tuesday, 4 March 2014


by Andy Nowicki
In this video, a PSA sponsored by Planned Parenthood and geared toward the teenage set, a chirpy young woman named Laci Green mentions the kinky bestseller Fifty Shades of Grey, and enthuses about the activities pertinent to BDSM—that is to say, “bondage, domination, sadism and masochism”—but hastens to add that there “certain rules” which ought to obtain when one chooses to partake in such frisky role-playing (i.e., “safe words” and such).

In addition to being outraged by the fact that Planned Parenthood gets millions of dollars of federal money per year to produce such fare as this (as well as to procure numerous abortions, of course), some are miffed that the video’s target audience are minors, or at best, barely legal. Others wonder just how instructing pimply adolescents about the manifold virtues of dungeons, whips, and assless chaps can possibly relate to the ostensible mission of Planned Parenthood to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

However, if PP has overshot its wad in this case, the fact is that the message of their youth-oriented video is in fact perfectly in line with their more significant, if mostly unstated, organizational goals. Put simply, groups like Planned Parenthood and their like-minded ilk aim to sexualize children, in order to demolish whatever sex-related taboos still exist in our escalatingly permissive culture, and in turn, to make the growing generation more compliant to top-down control, since the sexed-up are always more easily dumbed-down, while the chaste, by definition, are better able to resist the pressure to conform on command.

Of course, intellectual dishonesty is quite frequently the order of the day, and the supporters of child-sexualization often claim to mourn the very trends that they are actually crucially active in fomenting. “Oh,” they insist, “I don’t like the fact that kids are having sex, either… but what can anyone do about it? They’re gonna do what they’re gonna do, and we can’t stop them. Given these unhappy facts, we just have to make sure that they won’t contract disease or get pregnant!”

This rhetoric is rankly risible. If the disingenuous liberal-lefties who frequently indulge in such specious talk really believed in this sloppy premise, they would immediately cease and desist from so many other moral imperatives, causes in which they undeniably invest great stock.

To wit, they would decide that the effort to get kids to stop smoking is hopelessly quixotic, that their earnest crusade to discourage youngsters from using racial slurs and indulging in hateful acts against gays and lesbians may as well be abandoned as unworkable, and that the ongoing feminist fatwa against sexual harassment is just a waste of time, since after all, “kids are gonna do what kids are gonna do.” And if kids are going to be smoking, groping, leering, misogynistic, homophobic Nazis anyway, let’s just make sure that they don’t hurt themselves too much in the process, right?
If the “kids are gonna do what they’re gonna do” types were consistent, they would certainly hold the above statement to be self-evident. Instead, they counsel defeatism on sexualization of youth, but turn sternly moralistic about eradicating all vestiges of racism, sexism, and homo-aversion among youth, a blatant contradiction which displays their bad faith and reveals their actual priorities. Yet sometimes they’re more up front with their contempt for innocence, chastity, and self-control, as in the above mentioned video, which is eager to communicate to the underage how important it is to get freaky-deaky whenever you feel like it.
However, even there, we find one telling caveat: “BDSM,” our perky girl guide Laci Green tells us, “ is not about breaking rules; it’s about understanding them, and following them closely!” What does this mean?
Ultimately, if one reads between the lines, it means that there must be no danger, per se, in ostensibly "dangerous" sex. Instead, those who indulge should take extra-special care not to hurt or humiliate their partner, or let themselves be hurt or humiliated, even when pain and/or humiliation is pretty much the inescapable name of the game where bondage, submission, sadism, and masochism are concerned. Thus is lust rendered oddly bloodless, and all the seeming kinks in kinkiness are scrupulously ironed out, leaving, one would think, little to be savored in the aftermath.    
In turn, we see the curious manner by which Planned Parenthood aims to deracinate kinky sex, even as it appears to promote it. True eroticism, after all, is not politically correct. Desire can be dark and extremely hazardous, for it puts one at the mercy of that which he cannot control, which in turn can places him on a trajectory towards who knows where. Planned Parenthood merely wants a domesticated version of kinkiness, because only by rendering the carnal utterly insipid can it hope to seize control the minds of the young minions it wishes to enslave to its ends.  

Andy Nowicki, co-editor of Alternative Right, is the author of seven books, including Under the Nihil, The Doctor and the Hereticand Considering SuicideHe occasionally updates his blog (www.andynowicki.blogspot.com) when the spirit moves him to do so.

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