Thursday, 17 April 2014


by Andy Nowicki

The video posted above will function as a kind of vividly colorful Rorschach blob. Your reaction to it will, I'm afraid, prove to be utterly predictable, regardless of who you are—at least in the vast majority of cases. As with all Rorschachs, what you see is what you get; which is to say, what you "get" is limited by the ideological horseblinders you have chosen to wear.

If you are a standard-issue white liberal lefty, you will almost certainly shake your head and say, "Check out that sad, silly gaggle of goofy white boys. They're acting like they've got 'soul,' when they're really just a bunch of whitebread Mormons from the lily-white white-topia that is Provo, Utah... what a bunch of idiots... And, by the way, what's with the deplorable absence of 'diversity' in this video? How could a college campus in 21st Century America, even ultraconservative BYU, foster such an appallingly insular environment as this? And where do these guys get off covering a song by Pharrell Williams, a black singer? This is just the sort of 'microaggression' against minorities commonly committed by overprivileged Caucasian scum such as these disgusting cis-gender privileged dudebro douches, and it really amounts to nothing less than a hate crime, in my righteous estimation."

Then again, if you are an ardently-indoctrinated white nationalist, you might well shake your head with no less vigor and righteous conviction than your white lefty-liberal counterpart discussed above. "Check out that sad, silly gaggle of goofy white race-traitors..." you will groan. "Note at how they have forsaken their own culture in an effort to imitate the bestial, gyrating Negro. Instead of covering the Horst Wessell Lied or some approved, Nordically-correct black metal anthem, they're crooning that awful pop song by Pharrell Williams, a black singer. When the revolution comes, these are the sort of men who we'll have to throw up against the wall, before filling their skulls with a barrage of our most righteous bullets..."

But maybe—just maybe—there's a chance that you'll watch the video and come away amused and impressed.

"These guys are really good singers, but they don't take themselves too seriously," you'll observe. "The fact that they're all white, without even a token 'other' in their midst, displays that they aren't intimidated by the implicit anti-white injunctions of our age, wherein Caucasoid homogeneity is commonly equated with uncoolness. On the other hand, the fact that they're belting out a song by a black artist shows that they have cheek and confidence; they aren't bound to observe 'proper' artistic etiquette, be it of the white liberal stripe (whereby doing black music is an abominable 'appropriation' of another culture) or the white nationalist variety (whereby one must only like culturally white styles of music, or else be labelled a racial sellout, an 'Uncle Tom' in reverse). The hearty, self-assured manner with which they deliver their handsome harmonies makes a sweetly compelling juxtaposition with their willingness to be openly 'goofy' with their dance moves and presentation. There is, in short, something particularly 'white,' in the best possible sense, in their attitude and performance, which is both self-possessed and self-effacing. 'Mock us all you want,' they seem to be saying. 'Deep down, we know you think we're sexy as hell, even if you'll never admit it.'"

And if the latter is your response, then congratulations: you have read the Rorschach correctly! At least, in this pasty Whitey's humble estimation... If I'm wrong, take heart: I'm sure a righteous bullet with my name on it awaits once the revolution comes. For with aesthetics, as with politics, surely no 'third position' is possible... right, playa-haters?

Andy Nowicki, co-editor of Alternative Right, is the author of seven books, including 
Under the NihilThe Doctor and the HereticConsidering Suicide, and his latest, Beauty and the Least. He occasionally updates his blog when the spirit moves him to do so.

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