Spring is the time of rebirth, of renaissance. Around five hundred years ago, a European-wide Renaissance took shape – a Renaissance in the arts, philosophy, religion and science that sought to renew the High Roman ideal. During this period, great names emerged in the arts – Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Palladio, Wren, Cervantes, Milton – and in science: Copernicus, Galileo, Newton. For around four hundred years, the elitist cultural values behind this renaissance provided the group consciousness for the rebirth of European man. This period witnessed the conquest of the New World, the taking back of North Africa and much of the Balkans from Turko-Arabic control, the construction of vast empires where the European overmastered 80% of the planet.

Yet the Renaissance was also flawed from the outset. Aristocratic power gave way to mercantile power. In other words, the warrior principle became subject to the commercial principle. Ideas and ideals on liberal free trade and the global market place gave rise to a more far-reaching liberal philosophy of man as consumer, of fashion in place of tradition and ephemeral fad in place of organic culture. Spiritual values were slowly replaced by material ones, heralding our present malaise.

I do not wish here to attempt to say that I am launching a one-man Renaissance. It would be ridiculous and I am merely a link in a chain; but, in launching Mjolnir, this print magazine for the Eurocentric creative arts, I wish to do two things: to draw attention to our existing luminaries and to provide a springboard from which new talent can launch their foray into the arts.

A secondary thing I wish to do is to make people aware of the Eurocentric and illiberal canon of writers and artists that have gone before. These past greats have often been buried by the ever increasingly leftist institutions of power, in this case specifically publishing houses, who have conspired to keep them out of print, and universities, who have willingly ignored them, no matter their quality or popularity in their own time. For this reason, each issue will contain a ‘blast from the past’.

I have received several questions regarding remuneration for artwork. I will state here now that Mjolnir is unconcerned with monetary gain and copies are sold as cheaply as possible. There is no profit in the magazine either for me or the contributors. If a profit is made, then those moneys will be used firstly to create both a literary and an artistic prize respectively (which will reward our contributors while maintaining our commitment to elitism), and then to finance other creative projects.

Mjolnir can be purchased via the website purchase page by selecting either UK, Europe or Rest of the world for postage purposes:

As stated earlier, the major flaw in the Renaissance was its inherent fiscal corruption, which was the wellspring of all our woes. Many nationalists have pointed to the Jews as being the instigators of our demise. This is not so. The Jews are a symptom and not the cause. They can only prosper in societies that hold money in higher value than kinsmanship. It is for this reason that economics must always be a secondary concern in European societies. The primary concern is for identity, whence culture comes.

If we as a subspecies are to survive into the next century, we must renew our sense of worth. This means renewing our culture, for culture at the functional level is the mental hardening of the tribe. It is that which keeps the tribe together, tells us where we have been and where we are going. It informs us both of potential dangers and of possibilities for the future. It defines us spiritually, just as our looks define us physically, and differentiates us from other peoples.

It is for this reason that I ask you to take part in your own culture. Take it back from those who have perverted it, reshape it and remould it in your own image. It is, after all, yours.

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