by Max Musson

While Muslim groups are widely regarded as antagonistic towards both Jews and homosexuals within our society, it is interesting to learn that there are in fact covert moves being made by organized Jewry to co-operate with and direct the activities of certain Muslim and homosexual groups in their efforts to publicise and make political capital out of alleged ‘hate crimes’ and discrimination ostensibly committed by the heterosexual White majority.

Recently a new organization has been formed to act as the Muslim equivalent of the Jewish ‘Community Security Trust’(CST) which has operated within the UK for a number of years. This new organisation is called ‘Tell Mama’, in which the ‘Mama’ part of the name stands for “measuring anti-Muslim attacks”.

Tell Mama was set up by Fiyaz Mughal, described in the Jewish Chronicle as an ‘anti-extremist campaigner’, but he has recently approached the CST and they have agreed to provide help and expertise that will take the new organisation “to the next level, to have more success and ensure it has a future”.

Apparently, Tell Mama has been proven in the past to have wildly exaggerated figures relating to attacks on Muslims following the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby by Islamist extremists last year. Government officials are said to have voiced concern at Tell Mama’s data-gathering methods and the move by the CST appears to be in response to this concern.

As part of the assistance to be provided, it has been announced that British Jewry’s leading communal security expert, Richard Benson, who last year stepped down as chief executive of the CST, but who remains on the CST’s board, has agreed to become co-chairman of the new Muslim group.

A CST spokesman reportedly said: “We already support Tell Mama’s efforts to tackle anti-Muslim hate crime and we are happy that Richard’s expertise will be put to such good use.”

Mr Benson is reported to have told the Jewish Chronicle: “They wanted professional support and that’s why I considered it …my role is to take the expertise I’ve got from CST and give those tools to Tell Mama.”

More revealingly, Mr Benson reportedly stated: “I wanted to be a co-chair with someone from the Muslim community and that’s being finalised now. This won’t be a Muslim organisation led by someone from the Jewish community”, a statement heavily suggesting that Mr Benson may have initially been offered the chairmanship of Tell Mama outright, but chose not to have the organization structured as, “a Muslim organisation led by someone from the Jewish community”, for public relations reasons.

According to the Jewish Chronicle, Mr Benson stated further: “I took this on in the best interests of the Jewish community as well. I felt this was part of the work CST does with engaging in other communities.”

As an afterthought, the Jewish Chronicle article added surprisingly, that “Gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell was also appointed as a patron of the group this week”, and this is most interesting when one considers that most Muslims are supposedly rabidly anti-homosexual. When one looks on their website at the list of organisations that are now in partnership with Tell Mama, there is included the usual suspects: ‘Stop Hate UK’and Hope Not Hate, and a number of police authorities and justice system quangos, but interestingly, ‘Imaan’ the self-styled, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer identity (LGBTQI) Muslim Support Group. Also, when one looks at the patrons of Tell Mama, one finds that out of nine individuals listed, three are obviously Jewish, one is a White homosexual, one other is a Christian clergyman known as a campaigner for homosexual rights within the Christian church, one is a European convert to Islam, and the tenth patron is the organisation Imaan mentioned above. Only three of the ten patrons are actually of ostensibly Asian/Muslim origin.

Obviously there are three minority groups here co-ordinating their efforts to publicise and as I have stated, make political capital out of alleged ‘hate crimes’ committed against their communities, and as they do so, one does not have to be a rocket scientist to realise that; the people ostensibly ‘exposed’ by implication as anti-Muslim, will therefore conveniently tend not to be Jews and homosexuals; the people ostensibly ‘exposed’ by implication as anti-homosexual, will tend not to be Jews and Muslims; and the people ostensibly ‘exposed’ by implication as anti-Jewish, will tend not to be homosexual or Muslim. Obviously it will be the majority heterosexual White community who will by implication be demonised by the combined propaganda output of these minority groups as ‘intolerant’ and ‘hateful’.

Originaly published at Western Spring.

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