This report by Dale Hurd from Pat Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network details the problems of ethnic and Islamic colonization and violence in France, and how the French are responding. Among the facts presented are that one in five French people have been subjected to racist attacks and that 93% of Muslims in France voted for the Parti Socialiste candidate Francois Hollande at the last Presidential election, demonstrating the close links between the New Left and Islam. The report also interviews Max, a member of Génération Identitaire, which encourages its members to learn self defense.

The report limits itself to presenting the facts, but suggests that France may be heading ultimately towards a situation of ethnic anarchy similar to that of Lebanon. The inescapable conclusion that arises from this is that the only possible solution is "exigration," namely the resettlement of the Muslim population, whether born in France or not, to countries where its racial, cultural, and demographic characteristics won't threaten those of the French. On the road to this inevitable conclusion, even the election of a Front National government would only be a small step.

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