Sunday, 18 May 2014


In recent days Alternative Right has been working hard to highlight the deficiencies of our modern democracy.

Siryako Akda's ARE MASS MOVEMENTS OBSOLETE? contends that politics is going the way of warfare – i.e. something fought by special ops or guerrilla forces rather than the mass armies of the past. Mike Newland's MANCUR OLSON AND THE DECLINE OF NATIONS makes similar points, referring in particular to the way that strongly motivated minorities skew the system in their favour while the majority allows itself to be sidelined. William Solniger's IS ETHNIC REPLACEMENT 'UNDEMOCRATIC'? identifies the way that our nebulous egalitarianism works to disempower the majority – effectively rendering it silent – and thus allows its domination by these potent minorities

These effects are now so advanced in many of the countries of the West that a counter-reaction is taking place in the vacuum of political disenchantment, with the rise of new potent minorities, namely nationalists and pre-nationalists like UKIP.

With European Parliamentary elections happening across Europe in the next few days, the political establishment is panicking and is desperate once again to legitimize itself by getting the apathetic majority of people who no longer care about politics to go through the motions once again to prevent the new potent minorities who do care about politics from 'hijacking' the process.

The perfect expression of the establishment's desire to get the apolitical to be political (if just for a few minutes) is this short film, apparently created by the Danish government. It uses an interesting mix of pornography and humour to try and make voting "cool" again.

The video seems to be aimed at hipster types, who, while being "politically correct" enough not to support the rising nationalist surge, feel no particular motivation to vote for the old zombie mainstream parties either. The filmmakers seem to have decided, however, that there is a chance of getting them to vote and shore up the old zombie parties if they watch a cartoon that tickles their hipster irony bone. Cue "Voteman" – a moustachioed superstud motivated by a combination of psychosis and trivialities ("the amount of cinnamon allowed in his cinnamon buns" 0:42) to force everyone to vote.

Perhaps the key scene in the cartoon is when he randomly throws unconscious non-voters into the voting booths to "vote" (1:06). Nothing is more revealing of the state of zombie democracy of the West than this: the status quo attempting to stay alive by desperately appealing for the votes of an unconscious majority who have no idea what they are voting for and no real motivation to vote for it.

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