This is a video of Nick Clegg, leader of Britain's most Europhile political party the LibDems making yet another pointless speech. This time he's praising some Jewish initiative, but it could just as easily have been sucking up to some other non-White group or privileged minority, like gays or feminists, because the platitudes resorted to are almost entirely interchangeable. The only real point of interest is near the beginning of the video, when he says something blatantly absurd:
"The Liberal Democrats will always stand up for a Britain that is open, tolerant, and diverse. It's in our DNA."
Of course, Clegg is worried about UKIP's appeal to the nationalist sensibilities of British voters and is awkwardly trying to get his slice of the "national pride pie." He implies that there is something unique about certain British values and then states quite clearly that, rather than just being the result of culture or education, these values are in fact rooted in the genes of the British people – the blood of the volk!

This is a big step for a typical blank-slate progressive like Clegg to take. The only problem is that the values he cites – tolerance and openness – are exactly the same ones most conducive to opening the borders, mass immigration, and racial replacement. So, what he's really saying is: "being bred out of existence is in our genes," and implying that the values he is extolling are therefore in the process of destroying themselves.

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