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"We have a moral debt to our ancestors, who bestowed upon us our civilization, and a moral obligation to the generations who will come after us." ~Russell Kirk

Vladimir Lenin is alleged to have said, "The worse, the better." The worse that socioeconomic conditions became in Russia, the more likely the people would be to turn against the Czarist regime and support the revolution. Something analogous may be occurring in the Western world today. Whites are facing the harsh reality of a shrinking living space, diminished economic opportunities, and higher taxes to support an ever-growing number of minorities. The material costs Whites endure now and in the decades ahead will increase their racial consciousness, but this alone will not arouse our people with revolutionary spirit. A true awakening demands far more than the recognition of the problem. It requires the will to implement the solution.

Solutions are fashioned to deal with problems, but if the solution is more expensive than the problem, then the problem simply remains the preferred outcome. It is with this mindset that Whites have observed the downfall of Western civilization. We deny the evils we face because every real solution necessitates great suffering for ourselves and for those who stand in our way. The path of deliverance is unacceptable to Whites and shall remain so until we acquire the virtue necessary to prioritize the interests of our people well before the interests of the Self and well before the interests of non-Whites. Only then will the solution cost Whites less than the problem and only then will we have the resolve to implement the solution. For a moral transformation of this magnitude to occur, we must reconnect our souls with eternity by vanquishing the false prophets of individualism and multiculturalism.

Individualism and multiculturalism are often misconstrued as conflicting ideologies. The former is concerned with individuals that must be accorded rights and self-responsibilities which limit duty towards others. The latter is dedicated to protecting victim groups which must be accommodated by non-group members with differentiated rights and privileges. In spite of their apparent differences, individualism and multiculturalism are not opposed to one another. They are complementing ideologies endorsed by the managerial regime to achieve the destruction of White racial and cultural consciousness.

Blinkered by pleasure.
Consider individualism. We are instructed by the Ministers of Materialism to worship the Self and all of its unrestrained forms of happiness. Only by prostrating ourselves before the almighty Dollar will our meaningless lives be filled with satisfaction. Individualist virtue requires elevating the interests of "me" above the welfare of our people because this will serve the collective good of humanity. Social Darwinism is a strength and all can enjoy its benefits with trickle-down economics. The fate of individual Whites is thus their own responsibility. Those who succeed do so without any debt to others and those who fail have only themselves to blame.

Now consider multiculturalism. We are instructed by the liberal priesthood to worship "the Other" and all of its sacred forms. Only by prostrating ourselves before diversity will our hateful lives be purified. Multiculturalist virtue requires elevating the interests of outsiders above the welfare of our people because this will serve the collective good of humanity. Diversity is a strength and all can enjoy its benefits with trickle-up economics. The fate of non-Whites is thus our responsibility. Those who succeed do so without future obligation to us, and those who fail do so only because of injustices that must be rectified.

The unspoken overlapping goal of these two ideologies is the denial of cultural and racial loyalty for Whites. We are encouraged to love ourselves and we are exhorted to love outsiders, but we must never love our own people. Individualism and multiculturalism thus ultimately want the same thing, though they come at it from very different directions.

Subscribing to ideologies that renounce White consciousness has meant living by the following principles: (1) Pursue self-interest at the expense of other Whites; (2) Make sacrifices for those outside our race and culture; (3) Combine these ideologies whenever possible, i.e., serve the Self by betraying Whites and collaborating with outsiders for money, status, and power; (4) Always promote the opposite behavior among minorities, i.e., praise and support non-Whites who situate their racial and cultural interests before the interests of Whites.

Renouncing loyalty to the group is a political behavior practiced by no other peoples of the world. Non-Whites in the West and inside their own nations certainly do not worship at the altars of multiculturalism and individualism. Instead, they prudently live by what Sir Arthur Keith called a Dual Moral Code, an evolutionary strategy of promoting empathy for group members and enmity for outsiders. One need only consider the example of Blacks and Latinos to know that other groups have no moral compunctions about positioning their collective interests well before the interests of outsiders. Moreover, non-Whites are quick to blame outsiders whenever members of their own race fail. That Whites choose to live by a different evolutionary strategy is perplexing to say the least, but that we have chosen to do so when we know full well that the other races of men abhor this behavior is madness. Organized groups of high levels of consciousness will always dominate unorganized groups whose members have no recognition of their linked fate.

We have killed the dead.
Individualism and multiculturalism have divorced Whites from our collective identity, but even more devastating has been our separation from eternity. The false prophets have redefined virtue as the dedication of our lives to the Self, to the Other, and to a mythical collective humanity that exists only for the delusional and the manipulative. Virtue for Whites is thus completely disconnected from our past and future. We have become a soulless people with no moral debt to our ancestors. We have become an egotistical people with no moral obligation to our descendants. Free of all temporal attachments, we drift aimlessly through the cosmos like the unsettled debris particles of a collapsing civilization. It is little wonder then that we waste our lives away gorging on the last remnants of the bountiful harvest bestowed upon us by dutiful forefathers. And it is little wonder then that we desperately attempt to fill the vacancy of our departed souls with the affection of an Other that regards us with contempt.

Most Whites intuitively know the Society of Consumption and Diversity cannot last. Deep within our heart of hearts, we recognize that adherence to the false virtues of individualism and multiculturalism will bring about the demise of our race and culture. But a true awakening demands far more than the recognition of the problem. It requires the will to implement the solution. Disconnected from eternity, Whites shall remain impotent towards the obliteration before us because we have no meaningful reason to preserve what has been given to us and we have no meaningful reason to build a superior world for our descendants.

Perhaps Lenin was right: The worse things get the better. Deteriorating conditions in the Western world may ultimately lead Whites to perceive their linked fate as members of the same tribe. Whites may even develop feelings of duty towards one another. But no civilization of men can maintain the will to power without a devoted connection to eternity. If Whites are to prevail against the mortal threats we face as a people, then our souls must draw strength from a rich cultural past that directs our energies towards the prosperity of future generations.

Nothing else can empower us with the moral certainty to accept what needs to be done. Nothing else can invigorate us with the determination to withstand the pain we must endure. Nothing else can embolden us with the fortitude to stomach the suffering we must cause. And nothing else can save our people from racial and cultural suicide.

The choice before us is clear. Either we rediscover eternity or we accept obliteration.

Originally published 8th November, 2012

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