The above video depicts a confrontation between a street preacher at Arizona State College, and a passing student who takes severe umbrage with his message. (The preacher's sign condemns homosexuality, among other things.)

The scene, sad and harrowing as it is, nevertheless ought to be scrutinized, as it is highly instructive concerning the reflexive attitudes, compulsions, and fixations of the rising generation of the brainwashed. Note how invocations of freedom of speech are countered with violent denunciations of "hate speech," while invitations to reasoned argument are countered with screeching "fuck yous" and an utterly unhinged campaign of flailing assault.

This kid is a sad case (pity is the most appropriate response on the part of the viewer), but it would be a mistake to conclude that there aren't many others like him out there, or that his unsightly antics here aren't in their way quite typical of the behavior of the intolerant elites and their unsavory minions who want to shut down all debate, demolish all dissent, and control the limits of all discourse.

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