Monday, 30 June 2014


A recent "tempest in a teapot" controversy regarding a certain unpopular writer getting a piece published at Alternative Right has prompted co-editor Andy Nowicki to ponder certain weighty matters.

Just who precisely are we of the dissident right, and what exactly do we aim to accomplish in our fierce opposition to encroaching totalitarian control by our would-be "betters"—those who daily thrust their smelly little orthodoxies in our faces and expect us to curtsy simperingly before them?

What actually motivates us to oppose such an appalling paradigm? Is it freedom that we're after, or do we merely resent the fact that our enemies have control over us, instead of us having control over them?

What would happen if today's dissidents became tomorrow's rulers?

Finally, are the whispers true? Is Alternative Right truly selling out to a cunning cadre of anti-white philo-Semites and Asian supremacists?

Inquiring minds want to know, and Andy the oracle has answers.

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