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I have often said that living in a Western world controlled by the liberal Left is akin to living in a lunatic asylum, and just two stories over the last couple of days would seem to reinforce this belief. Both instances are the usual examples of white-only guilt, coupled with a refusal to acknowledge genuinely racist behaviour based simply on the grounds that the perpetrators are immune to criticism by dint of their non-white skin or their non-Christian faith.

The first story concerns the brutal murder of Saudi Arabian student Nahid Almanea in Colchester, Essex. The Daily Telegraph shrieked the headline "Essex PhD student 'murdered for being Muslim', police fear" with further sensationalist journalism such as "religiously motivated" and "targeted because she was a Muslim" according to the police.

But was she targeted because she was a Muslim? And if not, why do The Telegraph and the Essex police seem so pre-determinedly intent on persuading us Colchester is chock-a-block with racist whites just itching to leap out of bushes and murder any Muslim females who just happen to be in the near vicinity?

If there had been a spate of Muslim murders perhaps the Essex constabulary might have a point, but it would seem that Colchester rubs along quite cheerfully in the usual manner of English towns, without any sort of religiously inclined Midsomer Murders type of rural carnage. Having said that, there has indeed been a recent murder in the near vicinity, in similar circumstances, where some poor chap called Jim Attfield was stabbed multiple times, just as was Nahid Almanea.

When asked to comment on the similarity of these two murders, Detective Superintendent Hawkings, head of major crimes for Essex Police said:
"Both victims sustained frenzied knife wounds. Both were on secluded paths in parks used by members of the public. But there are differences such as gender and we can't discount the possibility of hate crime."
And here we go again. Gender ... hate crime ... as though murder committed by frenzied stabbing was not bad enough already. Was Nahid Almanea really murdered because she was a female Muslim and therefore a permissible target of a hate-filled white Christian, as opposed to just being in the wrong place at the wrong time with a lone homicidal nutter on the loose?

At the time of writing the police have NO evidence linking her murder with gender or religiously inspired hatred, yet by suggesting this is the case, surely The Daily Telegraph, the BBC and the Essex rozzers are themselves guilty of inciting racial/ religious hatred, particularly so when the immediate reaction from members of the religion of peace such as Abu Rashash Britani – who is currently on holiday in Iraq with sun tan cream and an AK47 – tweeted thus:
"These kuffar getting out of hand, dare they touch a Muslimah ... I call upon any brother to take up a knife and kill as they did Colchester ... I pray a revenge attack takes place in the UK against those enemies of Islam n Muslims."
Nice one Essex plod, Daily Telegraph, BBC, Daily Mail et al. Out of one tragic murder you have managed to potentially cause several more should the delightful Abu Rashash Britani get his wish. If I were the Crown Prosecution Service I would be looking very carefully at the media and the police over this sorry episode of liberal left irresponsibility. In my view, both are guilty of genuinely inciting racial and religious hatred.


The second story is the savage beating meted out to a young Roma gypsy boy in France, by 'French' vigilantes. Abducted from his family by armed men, he was taken to a basement in a public building and severely beaten up prior to his disfigured body being unceremoniously dumped in a shopping trolley.

This made headline news around the world, with the usual caterwauling of the liberal Left about racism, Marine Le Pen, the anti-Roma attitude of the French government etc. etc. What was conspicuously missing however, was a description of the perpetrators. We were led to believe they were simply 'French' vigilantes, driven to revenge after becoming unhappy with the criminal behaviour of Roma gypsies in general, and this one youth in particular.

Is it really credible that such violent and brutal behaviour was carried out by a gang of men clad in striped shirts with strings of onions draped around their necks, smouldering Gitane fags dangling from their lips and froggy berets on their heads, whilst Proust reading neighbours studiously avoided what was going on? Unlikely, one would have thought ...

As it transpired, the beating took place in a no-go area for such traditional Frenchmen, who enter the heavily Algerian Muslim banlieue of Pierrefitte-sur-Seine at their physical peril – firemen and policemen included. This is a part of town where cars are torched every New Year’s Eve, along with Jewish synagogues. The idea Algerian Muslims were NOT behind this savagery is just a liberal-left fantasy, albeit a fantasy with very little upside or enjoyment.

So there we have it. Two atrocities committed, but two very different attitudes toward them. In England the murder of a Saudi Arabian woman is linked to racist whites without any evidence at all, whilst in France the beating of a gypsy with overwhelming evidence it was committed by Muslims is deflected instead toward blaming racist whites...

The liberal Left are quite clearly and categorically insane. Islam is historically very violent, as indeed it is today, a matter easily verified by the simple expedient of reading newspapers or watching the news without liberal-left anti-racist blinkers obscuring our lying eyes. Native Brits and French are not in the least bit violent in truth, yet every sinew of racial reality is stretched to breaking point in order to portray us in this way.

On top of this is the perverse ideology behind the liberal elite's behaviour. They tell us the rape and torture of native English girls by Pakistani Muslim males was covered up for two decades because to publicise such savage Muslim behaviour would harm 'community cohesion'. Yet the same liberal elites seem to have no such inhibitions when they stoke the incendiary fires of inter-communal animosity by deliberately hinting at religious hate crimes when a Muslim girl is murdered.

Anyone would think our glorious leaders hate the traditional native British with a vengeance, whilst simultaneously getting on their knees before Islam. But this couldn’t possibly be the case in brave, decent and honourable Cameron's Britain ... could it?

Originally published at Liberty GB

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