Things are not what they seem. Things are never what they seem. Remember this simple rule and you won’t go far wrong. Unfortunately it will also involve you in a lot of extra effort to discard appearances and get at the truth. Taking things at face value is and always has been a form of mental laziness.

Two Examples

Here, in the comment boards at Alternative Right, a constant refrain is that we are a bunch of pussies who are afraid to talk about the Jewish question and this is something that we inherited from our founder, Richard Spencer, who is part of some great, Jew-avoiding, White nationalist nexus along with Amren, etc., etc., blah, blah, blah... Often this is combined with unstinting praise of just what a great site The Daily Stormer is because it constantly bangs on about the Jews and their maleficent influence on White Western civilization.

I have nothing against The Daily Stormer and wish them well in their uninterrupted Putin worship and Jew bashing – I think it serves an emotional need – but I can't help remarking on the irony of a White supremacist site that ascribes ALL power and agency in our society to a cabal of Jews (as I would assume that even Mr. Anglin is not insisting that ALL Jews are fully signed-up members of Le Grande Conspiracy).

The Daily Stormer's editorial line in a nutshell (...and skullcap).

What kind of super men are these guys who can shape our society in their desired image with such effortlessness? Yes, it seems that far from being a White supremacist site supporting the greatness, glory, and power of the White race, The Daily Stormer has wittingly or unwittingly turned itself into a Jewish Supremacist site celebrating the hegemony in every field of this tiny omnipotent minority. In Mr. Anglin's insistent prose the Goyim may as well be a herd of cattle being led to the slaughter. Gott ist definitely nicht mit uns!

The Cattle in Action

The default, depressing "poor little us" attitude that spreads inexorably from the idea of the Almighty Jew and the pathetic Goyim can be seen in other guises. Don't post an article on South Africa at Alt-Right if you want to avoid eliciting comments like this:
"More likely simply brainwashed and completely incapable of thinking rationally about racial survival.

If violent genocide cannot wake Whites up, then nothing can.

South Africa is the future for all White nations unless drastic changes are made by those Whites who are awake, because the masses of brainwashed Whites will never wake up on their own, not even if they're being raped, mutilated, and murdered by the thousands by non-Whites..."
Yes, this sounds good in a certain small corner of the internet, but (a) it assumes that White South Africans have and had no knowledge of Blacks despite living in their midst for generations and (b) it is intellectually self-segregating, i.e. it won't connect with anybody outside the tiny circle of self-flagellators.

Before the end of Apartheid, which most Whites voted for, almost every White had more knowledge of Blacks than almost every White in America has today, yet still they voted the way they did.

Implying that this was due to sheep-like behaviour, brain-washing, the Svengali influence of the Almighty Jew, while reassuringly simplistic, is nonetheless a cartoon cliché. I almost expect to see a top-hatted mustachioed villain from a silent movie put in a cameo appearance.

As the great Sherlock Holmes once said, "Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth." This can be applied to the case of South Africa. Once we eliminate delusions and absurdities like "we are sheep, please kill us," that which is left is sure to be both true and interesting.

There was no doubt an element of naive, utopian propaganda, as well as some cleverly dressed-up economic blackmail behind the ending of Apartheid; and the Jews were, as ever, in the forefront of the movement. But that would not have been sufficient on its own to achieve the present-day wonder of the Zuma state.

The truth is, as expected, even stranger. Just as The Daily Stormer's apparent White Supremacism is nothing but Jewish Supremacism given a certain twist, Anti-Apartheidism can be best explained as the final expression of South Africa's White Supremacism.

The movement to end Apartheid contained the following conceit: "Direct military and political dominance is for wimps. We can continue to dominate these stupid kafirs through our superior economic power and hegemonic culture, and remain invulnerable to their panga-armed mobs through the mystical invulnerability of our magical White skin."

And they used to mock the Blacks for their naive belief in tokoloshes!

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