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China — Too Big and Non-White to Oppose

I’m going to do something radical and completely out of character; I’m going to cut Zionist Jews and Israel some slack! You heard me right. Is it because I’ve come to embrace organized Jewry and Israel? Is it because I somehow believe that Israel is in fact not guilty of its various crimes against humanity? No and no. I’m doing it because liberal Zionists are actually correct when they insist that the far left and various Social Justice Warriors are hypocrites when they single out Israel for special condemnation. I guess the blind squirrel can find the nut every now and then.

SJW’s and our current liberal elites have always had a funny relationship with colonialism. Whenever any white nation or group of people controls or settles a territory, however small in scale, then they become forever tainted with the original sin of colonialism. Just look at Sweden.

However, non-white nations are seldom denounced for the crime of colonialism, no matter how severe or grand in scale their oppressive endeavors were. Former non-white imperialists such as the Turks and Japanese (just to name a couple) have been able to, more or less, fade into obscurity. Sure, some Armenians will fume about Turkey, while Japan’s historical amnesia and lack of tact have occasionally provoked the ire of China and South Korea. However, few people insist that nations such as Turkey and Japan must open their borders, embrace multiculturalism, and surrender their identities in order to atone for past crimes.

Or present crimes. As I currently write this post, the non-Western countries of Israel and China are currently engaging in colonial settler enterprises, oppressing and displacing the native populations in the process. However, among leftist talking heads in the West, Israel is the nation that has been the most excoriated. All right! At last, Jews are finally being called out for their questionable moral hypocrisy and held to the same standards as white gentiles! Well, not quite. The reason why Israel-Palestine has become a pet cause among many social justice activists is simply because it fits the narrative of evil whites colonizing and displacing poor brown people. Many within the movement have highlighted the whiteness of Israelis and lumped Zionism in with old fashioned white supremacy. Others such as Ali Abunimah have also gone out of their way to protect Jews as a group from censure and bring down the hammer on anyone who criticizes Jews collectively. He likewise insists that the struggle isn’t against Jews, but European colonial settler movements (ie. evil white people). I guarantee you that if the original Zionist Jews who perpetrated the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians were Middle Eastern Mizrahim as opposed to white Ashkenazim, few people on the left would give a crap.

Uighur boy
Meanwhile, while China continues to colonize and exploit the traditional homeland of the Uighurs, there’s a significant dearth of outrage. Of course, there are other possible explanations for this lack of attention aside from the usual leftist hypocrisy. Xinjiang/East Turkestan isn’t located in the birthplace of Christianity, and thus doesn’t command as much attention from everyday white Americans. Another possibility is that in today’s post 9/11 climate, the fact that Uighurs are wicked Mooslims could contribute to the West’s apathy on this issue. Unlike the Tibetans who are regarded as peaceful Buddhists with lovable figureheads such as the Dalai Lama, Uighurs arouse no such sympathy. However, even the Tibetans have fallen on hard times lately, and are increasingly resorting to self-immolations to attract the attention of a world that has more or less turned a blind eye to China’s repression of its minority groups.

Perhaps China has simply become too big and powerful to oppose. Likewise, since the Chinese haven’t imbibed white peoples’ notion of guilt, social justice, and self-flagellation in relation to minority groups, maybe leftists know better than to play that game with China. Despite their radical posturing, social justice activists have always shied away from confronting any possibly challenging adversary, preferring instead to go after low-hanging fruit. Stephen Sniegoski nailed their mindset to a tee when he described the kind of Israel lobby denial exhibited in that Counterpunch editorial (bold emphasis mine):
“The antiwar Left would prefer that old-style American imperialism and the quest for oil had caused the Iraq War. They are the preferred enemies of the Left. They are the traditional villains. And they are safe villains. Mentioning Israel as a culprit would cause problems: it would lose support for the Left among activist Jews, and it would lead to hostility from the Israel lobby and mainstream Jewish groups.

By way of contrast, no one ever got in trouble berating oil magnates or Arab sheiks — witness Michael Moore’s blockbuster 2004 documentary, Fahrenheit 9/11, which focuses on those alleged villains while ignoring the neocon/Israel connection to the war. Also important is the fact that Jews, categorically, are considered to be victims; and it is hard for the Left to criticize an officially recognized victim group. In terms of left-wing psychology the ideal is to strike a radical, nonconformist pose without really alienating the powerful, thus avoiding any negative consequences as well as the cognitive dissonance that results from chiding designated victims.”
Criticizing “white supremacy” is easy. Attacking white racism ceased being courageous after 1968, and no powerful lobbies or special interest groups will threaten someone’s livelihood for critiquing white people. However, to criticize Jews collectively would invite a torrent of pressure and outrage from powerful groups such as the ADL. Similarly, to stridently critique Chinese colonialism and aggressively deconstruct Chinese culture in relation to its crimes would be too risky and dangerous. God forbid that they be tarred as “orientalists” or “racists.”

The lessons for whites and pro-Western activists from this is that our enemies, like all human beings, ultimately respect power and self-assertion. Therefore, I implore white people to stop apologizing and end these obsequious displays of prostration over historical Western crimes. And for God’s sake, stop fearing the dreaded R word as you would a feral pit bull. The way white people react so defensively to being accused of racism, you’d think someone had called them a serial killer or child molester. As we have repeatedly emphasized on this blog, be tactful while also holding your ground. Don’t fall for their game.

Meanwhile, don’t expect China to be held accountable for “Han supremacy” and “Han privilege” anytime soon.

Originally published at Occident Invicta

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