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In my previous article The Dumbest People Ever: the Nazification of Whiteness, I outlined one of the presentational problems for so-called ‘Nationalism': that in certain pockets of the broader white-conscious movement, a perception is often encouraged in the public's mind of rather weird and scary people who are more interested in nostalgia for historic National Socialism, neo-Nazi chic and the memory of an Austrian-born German who shot himself nearly 70 years ago, than in the promotion of white identity and civilisation as something positive and beneficial in society.

The article has attracted a lot of comments on the site. So far almost-all, I am glad to say, are positive about the general message and show an understanding of what I was trying to say: that Nationalists need to find a way of staying true to their core ideals and values while at the same time avoiding the self-inflicted presentational trap of ‘nazification’, which ghettoises us.

On the other hand, I noticed this comment from someone called Arturo Pendriago:
"This writer is going on about hate as if it is a bad thing. Hate, and the stronger its intensity the better, is something whites need to re-familiarize themselves with.
When I read sentences like, “The reason the word ‘hate’ is invoked so much in a legal and political context is that it is acknowledged that to resort to hate is to admit that you have given in.”, I think I’m reading an article at HuffPo. Are you serious?
Hate is going to move white people forward, not rationality, not compromise, not lukewarm platitudes about how it clouds reason, as if reason is going to save white people from being displaced in their own countries. Another gem: “His memory therefore appeals to whites who feel the very opposite of ‘strong’ and ‘triumphant’: in other words, weak and emotionally-dependent whites who see their group identity under continuous and permanent assault from nefarious forces in modern society and want to draw strength from old stories of military glory, Pathé reels, and what not. It’s a comfort for people who want to be passively led.”
So, if you feel threatened that whites are under continuous and permanent assault (which they are), do anything but HATE, people! That would be counter-productive. That makes you look ‘emotionally-dependent’ to us oh-so-enlightened rational nerds.
Jesus, did I just walk into a Freudian therapy session?
Just more shaming of whites to the right of you. Can we stop attacking whites who are FUCKING angry and who admire Hitler? Good gawd, what side are you on?"
I’ll leave that to hang in the air. Suffice it to say: I am very serious. Unless we can move beyond this stuff and get over ourselves, we are always going to be stuck arguing on the enemy’s terms. Whatever I might think about the Third Reich, German National Socialism, and the ‘anti-hate agenda’, the reality is:
(i) Hitler is dead.
(ii) I am not German and I did not live through the 1930s and 1940s.
(iii) I am not a member of a comic opera company, nor do I aspire to be.
(iv) I have no interest in hating or disliking other people – whether Jews, blacks or green men from Mars – which is just a waste of time and gets us nowhere.
(v) I have no interest in plying the Jewish agenda – be it the fake outrage over Gaza or fake nationalist political parties at home. White people should not be the playthings of Jews.

I do, however, have an interest in helping build a positive White identity movement that might contribute something to saving the White Race and, one day, restoring White sovereignty for our children. That is a legitimate and worthy goal. TIAWA: There Is A White Alternative, based on independent White politics.

No light at the end of this tunnel.
Hitler, jackboots, stone eagle statues and men in black uniforms is more the stuff of amateur theatre and lunatics who have been let out the asylum. What it has to do with being pro-white is beyond me. In any event, if we are serious, then we have to survey the battle ground 'as it is' and adopt a strategy and tactical position that reflects reality. I have no doubt that neo-Nazi cultural activities and websites like Daily Stormer do bring some benefit, if only in terms of bolstering morale, but this has to be weighed against a major downside: they erect a barrier that stops reasonable, sensible, sane white people who agree with us from joining and supporting us because they think we are a bunch of lunatics. Like it or not, those who ply the Nazi theme are gifting our opponents an open goal. This is quite apart from the fact that the whole 'Nazi' sub-culture is essentially a Jewish invention anyway and has only a tenuous historical basis.

Related to this, one of the other messages of the article was that we should abandon the old style of politics based around political parties, hierarchies, elections, fund-raising and leaders. That is not to say we should give up on having political parties or on voting. It is to say that we need to invent a new model for these institutions that serves our racial purpose. The four main parties in Britain are still using an outdated, top-down model, which is reflected in a style of governing that is disconnected from the concerns of ordinary people.

The way I see it is that we already know this doesn't work for us: in that sense, the grey cloud of our failure has a silver lining in that it has given us early warning of the system’s 'crisis of legitimacy.'  The Establishment will find out later and will have to confront this, meanwhile we need to get ahead of the curve and invent a new way of doing things – a kind of low intensity political warfare that doesn't involve large financial investment, formal structures and personality worship, but is instead based on information, networking, community organising, crowd-funding and civil resistance, and that takes advantage of the Creative Commons of the web as a tool and a means to get our message into the bloodstream of society, and that also takes advantage of social media and web-based communication as a means for organising and directing activity in the real world. (See my article: The Mechanics of Virtual Resistance).

Our purpose should not be to mainstream our message. That has already been tried by Griffin’s BNP. Rather, our purpose should be to achieve our maximum potential support while staying true to our core ideals and values: what I will call 'White-Max.' The problem with Griffin's approach was that he was trying to persuade as many people as possible to vote for a political party that pined for 'respectability' and acceptance by its racial enemies. The BNP wanted to win elections, but this is just a means to an end. Yet Griffin's Party gradually began to adopt this means as an end in itself and came to 'believe' in 'democracy' as a good in its own right. This inevitably resulted in a watering-down of the BNP’s actual ideology so that in practice it became democratic and mixed-racialist, to the extent that we now have the spectacle of BNP activists going online and accusing others of 'racism.'

The most embarrassing moment in the history of British Nationalism.
Our approach, by contrast, should be to focus on persuading those who are already sympathetic to us that they can safely support us. We do not need to persuade the greater part of the British public of the vital importance of white survival. They are now lost to us, and any attempt to persuade them is not only a waste of valuable time and resources, but can only result in a watering-down of our core beliefs to the point that the exercise would become meaningless: see UKIP for more details. White-Max means identifying a minority of whites who might come over to our side and changing the way we present ourselves to help them do that. This shift in presentation must also involve a change in our methods to reflect the new realities we confront.

How will the White-Max movement achieve its ends? I believe indirectly, through the use of economic, cultural, and technological means. Some of this will be subtle and unobtrusive, other parts more explicitly and blatantly pro-white – but without the toxic ideological baggage that has hindered similar operations in the past. There is a need to make white people comfortable with their racial identity again. That requires an AltWhite culture that is detoxified of the 'nazi' images and labels and instead celebrates White identity and accomplishments positively.

If white people – the young especially – begin to recognise that it is 'cool' (or 'good') to be White, then this may form the basis of a resurgence in support for White politics as our people begin to think and act as a racial community and identify as such. AltWhite would be an important weapon in our own Information Warfare, the purpose of which would be nothing less than a race-conscious revolution, a great social movement that will operate much like the Industrial Revolution or the Agricultural Revolution to radically change the world.

Through the multi-faceted efforts of many people and the infinite variables that result from their race-conscious efforts, we will – imperceptibly, gradually and peacefully – siphon-off those Whites from liberal society who are conscious of their racial identity and who refuse to join the race-mixing mass culture. Above all else, an AltWhite culture would mark a necessary separation of White identity from the broader political Right, allowing people of a variety of political persuasions both Right and Left, to embrace their own race and culture.

This neocortical warfare also requires a variety of new political approaches. The alternative politics will be characterised by, among other things, the use of lawful and non-violent resistance methods and infiltration (entryism), distraction, and false flag techniques; we will use information and expertise to help others create their own pro-White community organisations and engage in White-conscious community-building; and we will launch public campaigns that focus on the issues around immigration and that attract support without being overtly 'racial.'

In the end, what we have to accept is that our racial enemies have out-thought us rather than out-fought us. They are genetically-primed for kinship and have strong racial-cultural vessels in the form of Middle Eastern ethno-religious institutional rituals that emanate solidarity, community, and belonging. We need to build our own, new, cultural reproduction capacity, but we can only do this if we first leave behind the institutions, behaviours, and thought patterns that are killing us.

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