English Witness to Their Darkest Hour
Edited by Pat Scrivener
Athelney, 174 Pages
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Reviewed by David Hamilton

English Witness to Their Darkest Hour is a compendium of experiences and insights from ordinary people and some commentators in the media. It is not so much controversial as shocking: but not shocking in the conventional sense of, say, porn on TV, but the revelation of a situation that is not officially admitted. Even followers of patriotic sites who are aware of the move to totalitarianism will be affected by the impact of so many examples of injustice and oppression. The oppressors, are what I call the "Ideological Caste," which is based not on birth, blood or land, but on expressing the correct ideological thoughts.

The English are usually accused of perpetrating evils like colonialism, racism, and imperialism on other people, but author Pat Scrivener shows with examples that the authorities are actually perpetrating them on the English.

The book is permeated with a sense of anxiety for the future, of not being allowed to speak against the abuses by the authorities. There is no index and I occasionally wondered who I was reading – the compiler or a witness. The publisher's introduction is not signed, but we go to a book like this for revelatory content, not beautiful, flowing prose, and fastidious production. The examples are three years or so old, so there was obviously a delay in production, but the situation now is worse rather than better.

This book has to speak for itself as no mere description would give a real sense of it. There is no appropriate genre for this kind of revelation. From the author's notes the pervading sense of fear in the country is revealed: "My daughter, then ten, begged me not to write this book. She did not want to lose me to Labour's racist regime."

This sets the tone for an Orwellian journey through warnings from respected commentators and "ordinary people," who in anger and despair give examples of oppression by the authorities and second-class treatment in their own country from their own elected representatives. It's easy to see why people speak about current politics in Orwellian terms – "Thought Police." "Doublethink," "Newspeak," etc.

How did it start? The late Lord Deramore writes in the foreword that in 1945 with the election of Atlee we got our first statist government: "...in 1911, we were ruled by a democratic Government elected by a smaller franchise, today we have an autocratic government elected by a much larger franchise."

Richard Littlejohn brings us nearer to the present: 
"From day one  or Year Zero as I christened it in the Mail back in 1997  Labour has set out to destroy England as we knew it. While the Welsh and the Scots have been given their own parliaments and the IRA encouraged to take over Northern Ireland, the English have been subjugated, abused and ignored. Mass immigration  legal and illegal  has transformed parts of England into foreign countries. Labour MP Frank Field compares it with Stalin's forced migration in the Ukraine. Entire neighbourhoods are being ethnically cleansed  and it's the English who are getting out of town."
State control is often accompanied by lawlessness. In the chapter on "Violent Crime" Theodore Dalrymple tells how "surgeons" at the hospital he worked at grew "experienced in the treatment of gunshot wounds, when a few years ago they had no experience at all," and Peter Hitchens asks, "How much longer are the British going to put up with the way they are being ignored by those who claim to be in charge of the country? ...crime and disorder are out of control. But the safe, wealthy elite scornfully dismiss people such as me as alarmists." He mentions that he has also had letters from people all over the country who are "baffled, afraid, dispirited and angry." This book is part of the process of no longer tolerating this situation.

There are quotes from English people who are so broken down by the ruling elites that they guiltily emphasise that they are "not racist" even when victims of assault. They have learnt from experience how dishonest the media are and how they promote the ideology that English people are "racist" while ethnic minorities are victims regardless of their actions. A report from The Daily Telegraph is cited mentioning how a woman was assaulted by Black schoolgirls on a bus, having a bone knocked through the skin of her arm, yet felt compelled to assert that she is not a racist.

The author cites an anonymous remark from a TV documentary on "hate crime" from March 2001:
"It portrayed racism as a purely White-on-Black activity. The subtle way the camera kept panning to a flag of St.George, which could have been in any innocent setting or one set up for the programme, forced a connection between racism and the flag."
On oppression we hear from someone called Steve:
"I find myself waiting in long queues in the post office to watch with amazement as asylum seekers and immigrants get their own counter. I see discrimination justified by liberals and lefties who believe special interest groups for ethnics are not divisive but also necessary, but if one suggests a special interest for whites it’s classed as racist or imperialist." 
This highlights the underlying difficulty. The elites are prejudiced against us and in favour of the "ethnics" and this is how it is put into practice.


A particularly dangerous side to this is highlighted in the section on national security. Phillip Johnston wrote in The Daily Telegraph after 9/11 that "Britain not only lets in people who supports terrorists but also often thwarted efforts to extradite suspected terrorists. More than half-a-dozen governments had filed protests with the Foreign Office about their presence...Egypt denounced Britain for 'protecting killers."

Former Conservative transport Minister with responsibility for the Channel Tunnel, Sir David Mitchell:
"I'm at a loss to understand why the government doesn't take effective action to stop illegal immigrants using the Chunnel." 
The UK frontier is effectively at Calais, he explained.
"It's a dereliction of duty to exercise immigration controls at the front door of the tunnel but turn a blind eye to those who walk in by the side door." 
One view is that the EU is surrendering us to Eurabia as Bat Ye’or and Mark Steyn have written. We are being surrendered to Islam, of that there is no doubt. Recently Chris Grayling, the Secretary of State, announced that Muslims would get state benefits for each of their wives. We are being 'assimilated' to outsiders and aliens.

In the chapter titled "Conquest and Imperialism" Phillip Seddon writes:
"There can be few worse punishments for the young than to be taught to despise their own heritage, or at best that it is only one of many equal options. Herein also lies the poor performance of Luton as a whole in nation-wide school league tables..." 
This was from the mainstream press so recognition of the real situation is spreading, but these 'heretic' views are still largely confined to the internet, like those of Jim from an internet newsgroup quoted in the chapter on "Oppression":
"A man in Portsmouth was fined for remonstrating with Muslims who were openly celebrating the anniversary of 9/11. If he had not changed his plea to guilty to race hatred he was told he could got to jail. This man could not speak the truth." 
The editor adds an infamous example from Liverpool in 1999 when a 78-year-old was arrested and charged with criminal damage for posting UKIP posters and writing "Don’t forget the 1945 war" and "Free speech for England." Simply because he had referred to England it was classed as "racially aggravated."

These are the shocking cases reported in the media and so devoid of common sense they are typically described as "political correctness gone mad." What Scrivener does is show that what Whites are accused of doing to ethnic minorities is being done to them. This book heralds a re-learning curve.

A big shock is the penultimate chapter that deals with – wait for it – the genocide of the English! Dr. Anthony Daniels (a.k.a. Theodore Dalrymple): 
"One obvious explanation [of the increase in TB in the Western world] makes officials so uneasy that there has been a virtual conspiracy of silence about it. The explanation is the vast population movement from areas of high prevalence of the disease, such as Africa and Asia, to areas of much lower prevalence, such as Western Europe and North America." 
An explanation of the rise in TB from March 2003 adds some detail, pointing out that it includes the deliberate importation of diseases by refusing to screen incomers, which kill members of the British Community, such as AIDS, hepatitis, TB, etc. Now we see the worthless authorities are importing Ebola into the country.

By a similar logic individuals from communities which have a higher violent crime rate than Britain are deliberately imported, thus increasing the death rate among the British. A comment from someone called Mog states: "Just look at the abortion business. Killing English babies and then complaining we are under-populated and need to import immigrants. I really see something sinister."

The sense of injustice people feel is captured here. Gayle Hall wrote a letter to The Sunday Telegraph:
"I was deeply upset to read about asylum seekers receiving fertility treatment on the NHS. As a British citizen and taxpayer, I was refused treatment as my local authority refused to pay." 
The final chapter focuses on who is to blame. Scrivener, like most reasonable people, blames the dominant ideological elites, who act against the interests of the English, not the immigrants who are behaving naturally in looking after their own interests. The ideologues ignore reality and place their faith in creating a utopian future with barriers between people broken down and everyone sharing a higher level of consciousness. But this eclectic and electric book details the reality. The utopian project requires everything to be used as propaganda, and social engineering and legal coercion to be used to mould or coerce us into the future state – the basis of the totalitarian regimes of the last century.

This entails preference for some groups but injustice and oppression for others. That this is being done to the English in their own country by their elected representatives will shock many who are not aware of this. On the hopeful side this book shows us that even in this nascent totalitarian state – our "darkest hour"  there is the emergence of an opposing point of view, with courageous people speaking out against oppression.

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