The "Rotherham child-sex-rape-grooming case" – for want of a better term – has broken like the dams of the Ruhr when they were bombed in 1943, and we are now being inundated with a flood of revelations, followed by an even bigger deluge of outrage and moral posturing.

"1,400 victims"..."eleven-year-old girl"..."raped"..."doused in petrol and threatened"..."turned a blind eye to"..."afraid to be called racist" – are the sound bites and tag lines that are bobbing around like bits of debris on this mainstream-and-social-media-generated tsunami.

There are also several agendas being floated, but the most noticeable "meta-point" is that the case seems to be providing White people once again with another opportunity to act White, by which I mean gleefully participating in their usual moral manoeuvring to get on what they perceive to be the "good side" of an issue, followed by a lot of moral arm-flapping to show everybody they've reached their spot.

Attacking Pakistan pedophile gangs as rather naughty is all very thrilling and exciting, especially for White nationalists, who have known all along what has been going on and can now bask in the glow of wider vindication. But it is also exciting for the great politically-corrected and silenced majority, who have finally found an issue that is perfect code for all the racial unease they have been feeling but have not been allowed to express. It is even a godsend for über-Liberals to show how thoroughly unracist they are.

But it is all a bit like shooting fish in a barrel. Gangs of Pakistani males raping little girls = bad. Well done! One may as well slag off rats for spreading disease, hyenas for eating carcasses, etc. What does it change? That is the key question, and the answer is likely to be – after a sufficient amount of sound and fury has been vented and tabloid circulations boosted, very, very little.

Yes, we might have a few show trials and resignations, and the nanny state may be greatly expanded around the vulnerable nether regions of English urban girlhood, but we'll still have fast-growing and increasingly assertive Muslims populations in the West, constantly reinforced by fresh waves from the disintegrating Middle East. And we'll still have White people trying to do the "right thing" (a.k.a the thumbed-up thing) and unwittingly helping the menace to grow. Our way in the West, when we encounter a fire like Rotherham – or Ferguson – is to throw a few drops of water at it, followed by countless gallons of gasoline.

While it is cathartic, self-affirming, and emotionally rewarding, to jump aboard the great moral bandwagon that this case has let slip the brakes on, there are disturbing undertones and futile aspects as well, the main one being that, having won the lottery with a case that has the potential to fundamentally change and save England, the sudden windfall will be wasted once again in a mass festival of moral wankery and ineffectual reform.

The way that this case is being played out shows once again the dominance of the liberal narrative, despite its inefficacy and contradictions which stick through its skin like shards of bone. If there has been any result, realization, or breakthrough from this case, it is that police, authorities, politicians, the media, and the man down the pub, should no longer be afraid of calling any ethnic community to account for it failings for fear of being called "racist."

Great! Wonderful! Fabulous! Big f**king deal!

We are being led hand-in-hand into the golden sunlit uplands of "complete transparency," one of the self-proclaimed ideals of the liberal, materialist, market-driven ideology that dominates the West, with the implicit suggestion that, by shining our light, emoting our feels, and thinking our thoughts, we can, as the Beatles so famously said, "work it out" – but without challenging any of the fundamentals, like whether the multicultural state should exist or not.

With a few deft reforms, the hope is, interracial pedophile sex grooming, gang rape, and child prostitution can be "reigned in" to "acceptable levels" or even eradicated in the same way that malaria was drained from the Pontine Marshes – with a few well positioned dykes and drainage ditches. In the same spirit, may I suggest Pedo-Asbos (to go with the recently announced Terror Asbos) or Lolita cams, surgically implanted into the foreheads of the Tasha Slappers of Northern England.

This is the secret narrative we are being sold underneath all the outrage – and it is a guaranteed, slow-burning failure, because this horror story is not something that hides in the shadows and dies in the light; it is something that hides in the light and thrives in the shadows.

More concretely, it is not some temporary and easily erased effect of a distortion in the "socio-educational continuum," but an essence and thing in itself. It is not, as left-wingers think, the result of poverty, racism, sexism, or a lack of education and sensitivity training (solutions on a post-card please to the Labour Party). Nor is it, as conservatives think, down to broken homes, a lack of morality among a few bad apples, or poisonous things bumped into on the internet.

No. What we are talking about is something embedded in Islam and in Pakistani malehood and its tribal cultural. It also stems from their resentful untermenschen status as part of what Colin Liddell calls the asymmetric multicultural state: Yes, the Morlocks want to f**k the Eloi in atavistic revenge for the fact that they live under the ground.

F**king, whatever else it may be under the right circumstances, is in its purest sense an act of violating and humiliating another, usually female, human being. It is a stabbing process with the penis into the body of another, an action whose wires are, if not quite the same as those of our violent impulses, at least closely aligned with them.

Rotherham when the schools come out.
But powerless minorities can only exert such power where they find greater powerlessness, thus it is also inflamed by the "unilateral disarmament" of leftist amorality and the liberalization of femininity. For the last sixty years the West has been busily engaged in the removal of the social taboos that almost every society in human history, even the most primitive, have placed around their womanhood.

But this thing that we are smugly railing against, that we are denouncing as a relict of an inferior culture or race, if truth be told, is also something that is in us too, by which I mean White Western man, although in our case it has been largely quelled and stifled.

This is why the recent pedophile cases brought against a wide range of British 1970s celebrities has exerted such a fascination on the British public, a much greater fascination than the depressingly dull cases of sad little girls in Northern towns getting liquored up, drugged, and banged up by lines of brown, sweaty, beetle-browed men.

No, not another Morlock.
This is Jimmy Savile.
But women (or girls) too should not get off Scot free. The instinct to be taken in hand, to be dominated and abused, and even humiliated, is there wired into the female psyche. It is no secret that women are often attracted to brutes or that serial killers on death-row have no shortage of perfumed fan-mail.

It should be no surprise that the sexual grooming and humiliation of English girls coincides with the 50 Shades of Gray phenomenon, the premise of which is that sex is not so much about power as powerlessness. What greater powerlessness could a woman have than to be eleven, doused in petrol, threatened, beaten, and gang-raped by files of Pakistani males working out their inferiority complexes on a country they hate despite its generosity to them?

As I have indicated above, it is easy to find a position of moral superiority on this issue, slightly harder to come up with the token cosmetic measures we are sure to see, but almost impossible to solve the root problem.

The best chance of that would be to recognize the existence of the female instinct to be abused and the Pakistani tendency to take full advantage of it, and, based on those realizations, to either restore some of the ancient taboos and protections for young women, or to find a way of de-Islamifying and de-tribalizing Pakistanis. But that is the arrogant nonsense of tabula rasa Liberals and Leftists, which means that repatriation is the best and perhaps only option. Otherwise, in the same way that the monstrosity of the Cretan Minotaur demanded its annual sacrifice of Athenian youth, the presence of Pakistani communities in England will continue to demand the annual sexual sacrifice of hundreds and thousands of English children.

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